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  The Spring Festival is the most busy time in the home, everywhere is permeated with festive atmosphere!

  Lunar 30 in the afternoon, dad is busy to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, my brother and I was too busy to help my father with paste, we put up a big everyone in the middle of the door, the door on both sides with festival Spring Festival couplets, top allied is "measures with blessing", bottom allied is "spring breeze ZiYan dance", horizontal batch "good luck in the New Year. We soon ready Spring Festival couplets, looked at his own work achievement I was very happy. On both sides of the door, dad also put up two big red lanterns, herald the New Year day over quickly.

  New Year's eve in the morning, I put on new clothes, set off firecrackers will see dad and brother. A villager "through the voice from our ears, as if to send blessings to families, we are very happy. Night, we ate dinner, I and the father, mother and sister together to watch Spring Festival gala. The wonderful performance of let my mood suddenly enlightened, crosstalk, sketch and dance... Very good.

  On the first day I just woke up, he found that there are New Year's money under the pillow, brother also have, we happy smile, and then we eat dumplings, go to grandma's New Year, after, grandma and grandpa, will give us New Year's money, also take out your delicious of all, for us, we are all very happy.

  I like the Chinese New Year, New Year's day good!







  A scratching of firecrackers, fireworks filled the air, and came to the annual Spring Festival. Early in the morning, the mother is busy in the kitchen, I decided to go around the streets.

  Ah/each streets, there are so many colorful figure shook, like a colorful river flowing merrily, saw the head, after see the tail.

  In busy supermarket, all kinds of exquisite candy and assistant cordial smile together, make the person feast for the eyes. Customers holding the bags in the crowded out of the supermarket, a smile on each face, bleeding heart honey. Every family cleaned the house and yard, as the Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures, everywhere look brand-new.

  Ah, New Year's eve finally came/town everywhere decorated, in some places across the hung with colored lights series, some place to put the colorful fireworks, where there are flocks of wearing a beautiful child in the play.

  12, when the melodious bell sound through the streets firecrackers exploded. "Double bang firecracker" up, "ZuanTianHou" screaming and up into the sky. The stars shone in the night, festival of fireworks colourful, the ground laughter, the joy of the people. Such as Fried bean firecrackers ring after, of the people on to the street happy New Year to each other, "I wish you a long life/" "I wish you a happy Spring Festival/" these words as people's laughter, as from time to time off firecrackers to fly out of the streets, in a festival in the night sky.







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