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  Winter has come the river "with thick ice, people in all kinds of winter clothing, around the scarf, wearing gloves, but also difficult to resist the descent of the cold, cold red face. Less and less people in the street. I also find out from the wardrobe thick clothes, put in the body, and they appear very awkward. Alas, the cold season.

  Now I was looking forward to the next with thick snow, so that we can make a snowman and snowball fights. Finally, snow! We came to the snow, the snowball rolling pulling together, look for to two pieces of the size of the black stones do eyes, nose with carrot make it, made with broom arm, again a scarf, a lifelike snowman of it…… We put the snowballs into a snowball, mutual throwing, suing, play together. Ah, this busy season. The sky in addition to see a few foraging sparrows outside, in also see other birds, the small animals such as snakes, frogs, hide in the ground. It goes to sleep, the sky appears very cold.


  我现在盼望着能下一场厚厚的雪,这样我们就可以堆雪人、打雪仗了。终于,下雪了!我们来到雪地上,把滚好了的雪球堆在一起,找来两块一样大小的黑石子做眼睛,用胡萝卜做成鼻子,用笤帚做成胳膊,再围上围巾,一个惟妙惟肖的雪人就堆好了。我们把雪团成雪球,互相抛掷着,追逐着,一起嬉戏着。啊,这热闹的季节。 天空中除了可以见到几只觅食的麻雀外,在也见不到别的鸟类,小动物们如蛇、青蛙等,都躲到地底下睡觉去了,天空显得很冷清。


  Winter morning is dark and dark, no sunshine, open the door would feel a burst of cold, and that cold, like glue stick to you immediately. Soon after, began flying snowflakes in the sky.

  At noon, the snow all over the sky, rain falling like a goose, watching, watching, I slowly intoxicated. Snow fell on the window, as if to say: "let me in, let me in!" I open the window, a lot of snow and squeezed in. The snowflakes fell on the hand, BingLiangLiang, after a while, melts away. If it is not my father afraid I catch a cold, I will meet more snow.

  The snow fluttering spread outside, all over the ground, the foot is 5 cm thick, stepped down, squeaking voice, very nice.

  In the afternoon, the snow stopped, I said happily: "make a snowman!" We first rolling a snowball, and rolled a light snow ball, snowball below, light snow ball in the above, we do with two coal eyes again, and a carrot nose, mouth, a piece of red cloth do have a beautiful hat crowned snowman, a scarf around the snowmans neck, and someone found two broom and make the snowmans hand. Look, its lovely!

  Snow, brought us infinite happiness! I like winter!







  It is cold and dry outside.The wind often blows strongly.The days are shorter and the nights are longer.Many animals go to sleep.

  They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes.People don’t like to go outside.They have to wear heavy coats,scarves and gloves.

  But children like to be outside.Because it often snows.There is snow around.There is ice on the ground.Children can throw snowballs,make the snowmen.

  Oh,look.What a surprise!Do you see?The river is frozen!Here come the boys,there come the girls,they are skating in the river happily.

  Oh!Winter comes.It is really an interesting season.It has so much fun!


  it is cold and dry outside. the wind often blows strongly. the days are shorter and the nights are longer. many animals go to sleep. they will sleep for a long time till the spring comes. people dont like to go outside. they have to wear heavy coats, scarves and gloves. but children like to be outside. because it often snows. there is snow around. there is ice on the ground. children can throw snowballs, make the snowmen. oh, look. what a surprise! do you see the river is frozen! here come the boys, there come the girls, they are skating in the river happily.oh! winter comes. it is really an interesting

  season. it has so much fun! the weather in winter is a set of all the phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. it also includes interactions with the hydrosphere. the term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. when used without qualification, weather" is understood to be the weather of earth. although winter means cold weather, i love it all the same. i think winter is a beautiful season, especially when it snows. snowflakes fall down naughtily. they fall on branches of trees, on roofs of houses and on wheat fields. soon the whole earth will be dressed in white. everything is shining in the sun. every time it snows, i will remember an old saying, "winter has come, can spring be far awaythere are four seasons in a year, each season has different

  sceneries, and i like winter best when a magnificent view of the snow. heavy snow in winter, it seems people came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm, came to a glistening thoroughly tick the fairy tale world. loosen the fragrance, the ice snow sweet, give a person a kind of cool yingying consolation. everything is in filtration, everything in the sublimation, even my soul also at purification, become pure and beautiful. dusk of snow, deep cut, as if there were, and countless emotions like water, raging, generally can drown everything, theres a uncover the bare cangtoulouwei feels. snowflakes form myriad, shining brilliantly, like the names of the warrior, be covered with silver of armor, and like pieces of white sails in the war voyage... in a snow scenery magnificent, between heaven and earth, unaware of monochromatic, can only see a silver, as

  though the whole world with silver to decorate and become. columns, the continuous snow world, decorated with qiongzhi jade leaf, pink outfit jade and bricks hao ran monochromatic, was a complete snow scene. even gratifying i love, i love white snow, i love the winter. winter is the mind rings. winter, although very cold, but it has incomparable warmth and hope.


  There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn, winter. They are all so different, are very likable guy, but I only like white in winter.

  Dancing after the autumn winter white wings to fly, it does not have the charactizing a fine spring, nor summer enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, more no harvest the fruits of autumn, winter, it hang, also has brought people of laughter.

  You see the air, the dance, the silver elves, where lithe and graceful, graceful walk, it is the spirit of winter snow. Glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, angular, kaleidoscope.

  Myriad elves fluttering spread down the earth, make the earth look brand-new, good pack turn white. Some like green, the elves fell on the branch; Some like brown, landed on the roof tiles; Others fell on my head, clothes, and I catch up the tag, to show her magic magic, become crystal clear water droplets; Others fell on the wheat seeding the babys body, as if for a thick quilt over the difference, the difference baby HanHanDe, sweet, beautiful fell asleep... Others fell on the campus, campus immediately from the laughter, it is the students make a snowman snowball fights in the playground! Others fell on the warm homes, house the old man of the smile looking at air landing elf, eyes drifting far away; Others fell on the kindergarten, the children peaceful watching...

  Winter brings the earth beautiful, brought crops harvest, brought happiness to us.

  This is my favorite white winter!








  The weather in winter is a set of all the phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. It also includes interactions with the hydrosphere.

  The term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time.

  When used without qualification, weather" is understood to be the weather of Earth.

  Winter is cold. Let’s play the snowball and make snowman. The snowman is big . I like to play snowball. I am on the snow. The snow is cold. I have a scarf and coat. So I am not cold. I like the Christmas. Because I can see santa clus in Christmas . Christmas tree is beautiful. The presents are on the Christmas tree. I like winter. Do you like winter?




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