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  In the first half year,under the vigorouse support of GGF and the enthusiastic crew in the office,the job has been almost finished by the end of this year.

  Major task for the first year:

  A.Inner Adjustment:

  For all the office crew joined the association for obligation,the have little experience of environmental protection and less special knowledge of birds.In order to make them better understand the task of NGO,and also to improve working efficiency,we have got together to study "" and "The Reform of Chinese Organization" at the beginning of this year.We focused on the situation and foreground of NGO in china.At the following time we concentrated on how to develop ourselves and what means can we use to streghten,ect.After approximately two weeks‘ argumentation,we learnt many about what we should do.Now,we can cooperate with each other much better.


  1.Personal experience:we are all in firm believing that the movement of observing birds being a great measurement,which will increase people‘s lovefor them.Dalian is a hilly area which makes it quite different from here to there.For the sake of gathering more suitable place to observe birds,the 8 of our cadremen went to the Bin Hai Road,Dahei mountain,Lushun Farmland and circumjacent villages and towns.Finally,we chose Lao Tie Mountain,the forest in Bin Hai Road,Bird‘s Forest,Two Islands Bay,Lushun Farm etc.This has established the basement of observing birds in the Autumn.

  2.In order to promote more and more people to protect the birds in Dalian,we held an article match with the theme of "Take Good Care of Birds in Dalian".There are two advantages:on one hand,we could seize this opportunity to propagate to the thousands of college students in Dalian to pay more attention of birds.On the other hand,we‘d like to let more citizens know what the birds,as same as humanbeings,are worth cherishing by college students‘pleasure articles.

  3.In order to widely propagate for cherishing the birds,in the early May,we held a bicycle-riding for signiture movement with the same theme "Take Good Care of Birds in Dalian".This activity was run cooperatively with the Environmental Protecting Association of Dalian Maritime University,Dalian Daily,New Business and several other broadcasting station also made immediate report.We altogether more than 30 people sent the handbills,collected signitures,made survey,which made this activity more splendid.Not only was the scroll filled with people‘s signiture,even before 10 o‘clock,but also many people felt pity that they haven‘t got a place to sign their name on.After hearing our secretary-general Weiwei Jiang‘s English introduction,a tourist from Ireland was very glad of signing his name,and left a word "significative movements"for us.We felt really happy to see that this activity had so wide influnce,and so many people attended it.All these were the affirmation of our efforts,and reflected that in the modern metropolis there are also a lot of people loving nature.

  4.In the early June,we have edited "The Message of Birds in Dalian"N2.We compiled the keystone of our work and splendid articles into the book.We usually communicate with other Birds Association for the NGO and related experience.In Dalian locality,we often go out to send handbills in the universities,elementary school near Lushun in which birds formicating.We‘d like to make them understand that birds also have their own emotions.Anyone, who destroys the nature,will equal to destroy humankind.

  Problem existing:For cadremen‘s lack of expenrience for organizing the activities,things are short of proper arrangement;For they have little knowledge of birds,there are still many little problems existing when editing program or holding the activities.

  The main task of the second half of year:

  1.The investigation of Black-faced Spoonbill of Dalian in winter

  2.The propagation and education of several grade schools in Lushun

  3.The edition and publishment of "The Message of Birds in Dalian"N2,and the edition of N4


  The year end is coming, before we move on to the new year, it’s high time for all of us to do a review for the year. To me, doing this annual review is like getting a report card. It’s no different with my annual review – except these results aren’t for my studies – they’re bigger. They’re for my life.


  What have you experienced this year? What have you learned from them? With every experience we face, there are important things to learn. We can either let these incidences paus by, or we can stop to understand, internalize them, and draw lessons from them. Life is your school, and the lessons are dressed up as your everyday incidences. You don’t want to be living year after year without learning from your experiences. That’s just sleepwalking your life away.


  There are a lot of lessons which I learn every year. Looking back at my review for xx, one of the biggest lessons I learned is that our reactions to life’s situations is a choice, and it’s up to how we make out of situations we encounter. This realization came after a highly intense period at my job. At that time I was already a positive person, but the situation was so out of control that it really made me negative. It was after a short period of feeling miserable that I realized that the reality was such and it was up to me to make the best out of it. I could either sit and bi-tc-h about it which would do absolutely nothing to change the situation, or I could take action and make the best out of it. This small shift in my mindset created a big shift in my reality – it made me a lot more proactive and solution-oriented. It made me realize that many of us generate unnecessary baggage with negative situations in life, and it’s all about taking action to create the lives that we want. Happineis truly a choice.



  Because I would write down lessons I learned each time (in my life handbook), I could then build upon my learnings. Rather than deja vuing through life situations, every time I would think about how I could apply what I had learned earlier and how I could do something different. As a result, I kept moving forward in my growth.


  2. Wrap up what you’ve done this year


  Many things can happen in a year and this is the perfect time to wrap them up. Were there any ups and downs? Did you get a promotion? Did you recently quit your job and joined a new workplace? Did you just start up a business? Did you move to a new place? Did you just end an unhappy relationship? Did you move on from a bad partnership? Any major events took place? Or perhaps there are nothing significant that happened?


  This is the time to wrap up the year. It’s time to let go of past baggage, tie up the loose ends, tidy up your feelings, and get ready for what’s ahead.


  3. Regain focus


  After working for a few years, you’d find that the years sort of just start to blend into each other. Soon it’s hard to tell one year apart from the next. Subsequently, it’s so easy to fall into a routine without being conscious of it. Sometimes I hear people commenting that they’re not sure what exactly they’ve been doing with the past few years of their lives, because everything just seems like the same.


  It’s just like driving. When you’re driving in a car, it can be hard to see where you are and where you’re heading to. On the other hand, pausing for a short moment to look at the map can be amazingly helpful. Where are you right now? How far have you traveled? Where do you want to go to? Doing so helps you to regain focus.


  Like I mentioned above, doing my annual review is like getting the report card for my life. How do I grade myself for this year? Do I give myself an A+? A? B? C? D? or even F? This assessment reminds me if I have lived this year the way I had wanted to.

  我之前提到过,写年终总结,就像拿成绩单一样。今年给自己打多少分?A+? A? B? C? D? 还是F? 这样的自我评估会提醒我,让我反思过去的一年是否是我想要的生活方式。

  4. Start the next year on a high note


  Last but not least, your annual review will help you to start the next year on a high note. As I’m going to share later in the post, doing your review includes setting your goals for the next year. For this year xx, my one single biggest goal was to build this blog. So this year, while other people were figuring out what to make out of their year, I was a person on a mission. By mid-year I had already exceeded some of my goals, and now that it’s the end of the year, I’ve accomplished what I had set out to do at the beginning, and more.