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  I am a student of The Academy management major in XX University, and I would like to contribute to your company for more than twenty years' accumulation of knowledge and exercise ability. I will do my best to contribute to your company's progress and development.

  I know, "opportunity is only in the mind of preparation." During the period of school, I seize every opportunity to learn all kinds of knowledge and exercise my abilities in all aspects, so that I can develop the innovative talents with the innovative spirit towards the modern society. My English reached level six, the computer passed the national level two, the province two (excellent), and won the scholarship year after year. While working hard to learn professional knowledge, I have been extensively involved in philosophy, law, literature, economics and other fields. I have completed many other courses in other fields of economics, and I have learned Business English, and I have learned second foreign languages -- German.

  "In the work to learn to work, in learning to learn to learn." As a student cadre, I pay more attention to the cultivation of my own ability. Optimism, perseverance, hard work is my beacon of hope in the office rapids Cheqi sailing in the Whitewater highlighted in bold character, is the motto of my life.

  Many of the activities that I have been creating and organizing have been recognized by the teachers. The approval of my classmates has made me devote myself to new challenges with more enthusiasm and move towards a higher goal.

  In order to more fully exercise their abilities, I use the holiday in government agencies, enterprises and institutions and the social practice, my internship thesis was named "outstanding practice papers", these experiences for me into the community, to lay a good foundation to participate in commercial operation, but also learned how to help others, bare sincerely.

  In the coming time, the social position I volunteered, looking forward to join your company with sincere and wholehearted enthusiasm, enjoy your company cultural charm, pour Taolue Evans, given to the most quality services for you.










  My name is XXX, and I graduated from the management major at the Hotel University in XXX. I am a responsible, initiative, good team work; critical thinking; rich work experience in hotel management, organized activities during the large-scale reception, delicacy Festival, banquet sales and management organization of large banquet is one of my strengths. It has the comprehensive management ability, coordination ability, operation ability and innovation ability of the high star hotel and catering area. There are good experience in developing the high star hotels until the normal operation of the hotel, and is familiar with the application of all kinds of hotel system management software. It has strong working ability for catering financial management and cost control. According to the actual situation of enterprises, we can make effective and effective food and beverage management and internal control system, so that business management can be institutionalized, standardized and modernized.

  In the nearly three years of college life, I am actively enterprising, pay attention to self-cultivation, peace of mind, enthusiasm for people, to adhere to their ideals, beliefs. I have good interpersonal skills, a good sense of service, a focus and enthusiasm for my work, and I have the greatest advantage.

  I not only learn the professional courses of tourism and hotel management professional, in practice also have some knowledge, Jiejia rest have been used many times during the internship. I am ordinary but not mediocre!

  Dear leader, I believe in your eyes, and believe in my strength. I have a strong sense of responsibility and a sincere service for my customers. I also have the determination to start at the grassroots level. I am willing to work together with your company to develop and improve.

  "Give me a stage, give you a good play." this is my promise and my determination. In the end, I wish you the best of your company and wish you all the best. With my resume. If you have the opportunity to talk to you, thank you very much.