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  中考语文 中考英语的需要多做模拟试题来巩固知识。下文是小编整理的中考英语模拟试题,欢迎阅读参考!


  1.—Is there a watermelon on the table?


  A.Yes,there is. B.Yes,it is.

  C.No,there is. D.No,it isn't.

  2.—This problem is far __A__ me.I'm afraid I can't work it out.

  —Don't worry,we will help you.

  A.beyond B.beside C.behind D.between

  3.It is necessary __D__ us to help our friends out when they meet difficulties.

  A.to B.of C.with D.for

  4.__C__ bad weather it is!We can't go out for a walk.

  A.What a B.How a C.What D.How

  5.Vivi told me that __C__ students in her class joined the league yesterday.

  A.another one B.more three

  C.three more D.three another

  6.He ran to the bus stop quickly __A__ catch the last bus.

  A.in order to B.so that

  C.as soon as D.in order that

  7.—What would you like to drink?

  —I'm very thirsty.__C__ you can get.Just get it now.

  A.Something B.Nothing

  C.Anything D.Other things

  8.—It's __C__ outside.

  —Yeah!Let's go out and make a snowman.

  A.cloudy B.rainy C.snowy D.windy

  9.You don't need to pay for them because they're__A__today.

  A.free B.true C.busy D.clean

  10.—Boys and girls!Please __B__ your compositions after class.

  —Oh,my God!I ________ it at home.

  A.hand in,forgot B.hand in,left

  C.hand out,forgot D.hand out,left


  I've lived with my parents in China for three months. I like the people here,but the food isn't simply a meat. It's something a challenge. When I sit down in a __11__,I often fail to order the right food and use __12__ correctly. I'll never __13__ the most embarrassing(尴尬的)experience that we had last month. Father and I went into a(n) __14__ restaurant as we saw so many people eating there,and we thought it must be a __15__ restaurant to visit. We had the most difficult time ordering our meal because there were so many choices and not every dish had a picture on the menu. Ordering food became a guessing game.__16__,the waiters were very __17__. It took three of them 15 minutes to take our order for __18__. I simply wanted water,but my father wanted to try one of the fresh juices listed on the menu. There were two problems,however. There were __19__ pictures nor English on the menu. Finally,__20__ just ordered a Coca Cola. During the __21__ noodles slipped through my chopsticks onto the table lots of times. Once I tried to __22__ up a dumpling for my father,but I __23__ it on his shorts. We both looked at it __24__ it fell to the floor. I looked behind me and people were __25__ about my chopstick skills.

  11.A.classroom B.restaurant

  C.school D.back

  12.A.forks B.spoons

  C.knives D.chopsticks

  13.A.forget B.remember C.think D.want

  14.A.empty B.peaceful C.quiet D.crowded

  15.A.bad B.good C.small D.big

  16.A.Suddenly B.Finally C.Luckily D.Probably

  17.A.honest B.patient C.proud D.brave

  18.A.dessert B.fruit

  C.drinks D.vegetables

  19.A.both B.either C.only D.neither

  20.A.he B.she C.I D.they

  21.A.discussion B.meeting

  C.interview D.meal

  22.A.pick B.get C.put D.wake

  23.A.ate B.dropped C.prepared D.took

  24.A.so B.because C.as D.but

  25.A.laughing B.thinking

  C.arguing D.learning


  There are many different kinds of disasters around the world.As an adult you know what to do during a disaster,but what about the children?Some adults think it would probably never happen to them,so they don't teach their children what to do.Before it's too late,here are ways to help you prepare your child for a disaster:

  Educate:It is always good to let your child know about possible disasters.This doesn't mean children have to live in fear.When teaching them about disasters,keep the conversation positive(积极的)by telling them there is a solution(解决办法)to the disaster.Keep the conversations short,allow for questions and answer honestly.

  Prepare:Always be prepared,that is the best advice for children.For example,when preparing for bad weather,get the tools you need,like candles,radios,food,water and medicine.Teach your child what is needed in certain disasters so that they know what is available for them,if ever needed.

  Plan:You should always have a plan for you and your child for any dangerous situation.Write out a simple list that they can read.The plan could start with “listen to an adult's advice and/or call 119”.

  Practice:Once you have got the correct safety tools and worked out the right plan,practice every few months.Practicing what to do during a disaster with your child will help them if the time comes.

  Disasters can't be avoided but they can be lessened(减轻)once you are prepared and ready for one.

  26.What does the word “disaster” mean?

  A.命运 B.灾难

  C.演习 D.倾销

  27.What should adults teach children?

  A.When disasters will happen.

  B.Why disasters are dangerous.

  C.What to do for a disaster.

  D.How to avoid a disaster.

  28.What is the correct thing to do for adults?

  A.Have positive conversations with children.

  B.Try not to talk about disasters with children.

  C.Make the children scared of disasters.

  D.Ask children lots of questions.

  29.What's the most important thing for children?

  A.Always ask adults for help.

  B.Always be prepared for a disaster.

  C.Always listen to an adult's advice.

  D.Always remember where the tools are.

  30.What is NOT suggested doing?

  A.Remembering what is needed in certain disasters.

  B.Getting the children to know the plan well.

  C.Helping people in disaster areas.

  D.Getting radios for bad weather.


  31.—Can you help me with my math?

  —No problem(问题).

  32.If you try your best,you can work it out easily(容易的).

  33.I want another(另外的) ten people to help me.

  34.She likes eating potatoes(土豆) very much.

  35.How lovely/cute(可爱的) your pet dog is!


  36.She is from Canada.She speaks Canadian English.

  37.Mike is an excellent boy,he is one of the best students in my class.

  38.Have you ever heard from your pen pal?

  39.Shopping online is popular with young people.

  40.If you are very hungry,you can go to the restaurant near here.






  One possible version:

  I have a plan for the party that divides into three parts.They're Picture show,Talent show and Senior high message.

  Part 1.Picture show

  We bring some photos taken with our teachers or classmates and describe the photos with a good story about our school lives.

  Part 2.Talent show

  We can share our hobbies with our classmates.We can show what we can do in music,art or sport.We can also show other special abilities like playing magic and so on.

  Part 3.Senior high message

  Each of us prepares a big card,and then writes down a message for senior high on the card for each other.So everyone can exchange the best wishes with his or her classmates.

  In this party,all of us can share our wonderful experience in the past three years.We can present what they've learnt and how much progress we've made,too.And finally we may look forward to the future with lots of encouragement or advice.