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  One afternoon, it rained heavily, the sky the day, the monitor xiaoli is just about the students to go to the little red house open birthday party, but the heavy rain stop the footsteps of the small beautiful.

  Dad came over, told her not to go to, said: "such as the leaching disease."

  Xiao li said: "I must go to the birthday party, because before they please I go you always don't allow me to say, it's too far, afraid of the danger, so, I've been didn't go. I have promised them this anyway must go!" Say that finish, small beautiful heavy rain rushed to the little red house, as she ran to the middle, found gift fast wet, so she take off his coat, cover to present, in the look at the time, ah! Time is coming, small beautiful with their fastest speed run to the little red house.


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  One day in the afternoon, the sky began to rain, the day, the students go to the red Mary just about a birthday party, but the heavy rain prevented Mary's footsteps.


  My father came and advised her not to go, said: "the next leaching to the disease."


  Mary said: "I must go to the birthday party, because they asked me to you always let me not to say before, too far away, afraid of danger, so, I did not go. I have promised them that no matter how must go!" Mary said, heavy rain rushed to the red house, when she went to half of that gift, wet, so she put her coat off, cover to the present, to look at the time, yeah! The time is coming, Mary cooked in the fastest speed to run the red house.


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  Honesty is, life is the fundamental, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Honest honest, match words with deeds; and to speak and act in good faith, said to do.


  The ancients said: "a man's word, can never be withdrawn." Remember that in the book of "morality and society" repeated "Zengzi slaughters a pig"? Who's wife to Shangjie to buy things for my son, entanglement,. He said: "the mother back to you to eat pig." When he saw Zengzi's wife came back holding machetes, preparing to kill pig, hurriedly walked up and said: "I frighten son, you come true, quickly put down the knife." Ceng Zi said: "Alas! The parents are the first teachers of the children, the child is still small, we adults do, children will follow. You lied to her son, is equivalent to teach him to lie! So we must carry it out, set a good example for the children." It has just finished killing pigs. If he had listened to his wife, the home of the pigs is saved, but to his son, perhaps in the future will not believe his mother's words, do not understand how to be honest.


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  Honesty means speakingthe truth and being fair and upright in act. He who lies and cheats is dishonest.: Those who gain fortunes not by hard labour but by other means is dishonest.


  Honesty is a good virtue. If you are honest all the time,you’ll be trusted and respected by others. A liar is always looked down upon and regarded as a black sheep by the people around. Once you lie, people will never believe you even if you speak the truth.


  However, in the tide of commodity economy today, it seems that more and more people believe in money at the sacrifice of honesty. To them, among such things as health, beauty, m6ney, intelligence, honesty, reputation and talent, honesty is the only thing that can be east away. They don’t understand or pretend not to understand that honesty is the biggest fortune humans own, and that it is the prerequisite for doing everything well. I think these people areto be pitied.


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  Long, long ago, there was a boy who lived in a small village. One day when he was out in the fields, he shouted,“Wolves are coming!”People all came to save him. But in fact,一here were no wolves. The boy told a lie. People were all unhappy. But the boy felt happy. So he did it again. But at the third time, wolves really came. He shouted for help but nobody believed him. The boy was eaten by the wolves. The story tells us it is very important to be honest. If you aren't honest, people will not believe you and no one will help you.



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  Honesty is a virtue of the Chinese nation. We Good faith to make our lives more harmonious, beautiful, some people are not honest, but life destroyed the nicety of life.

  On Wednesday, it was a month ago, I sorting bags ready to go to school. Walked to the crossroads, I suddenly think of today to have art in the afternoon, my sketch forgotten my pen. I think: now it was too late to go back to the pen. I hurried to run to the stationery store near, I stood at the stationery store pant of say: "uncle, sketch pen?" Standing in the front desk behind an uncle from immediately took out a box drawing pen, how much money I asked uncle, uncle answered a dollar. I'll put his hand into his pocket to touch touch nothing, I quickly said to his uncle: "uncle, I don't have money today, tomorrow to give you ok?" Uncle saw my full head big sweat to make an exception and agreed I hurry.


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  导语:诚信,一朵心灵之花 诚信,是文明的花朵,带给我们希望。下面是yjbys作文网小编为您收集整理的作文,希望对您有所帮助。



  To be honest, not lie, this is the life of the principle. Lost the good faith, is the root of the lost life. No one would think that lying is a good thing.

  Once said, in "Lao zi" people no letter not made. To be honest, means that countries can't lie, otherwise there will be no foothold in the world. People, too, if not honest, they will be looked down upon by the person. I am opposed to "white lies", in spite of the starting point is good, but still is not honest. Lying, the cover of goodwill is deceptive behavior. Many "white lies" are sincere words can be used in place of, why we don't want to cheat you?


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  Honest is our traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. As a Chinese we should carry forward this spirit.

  The up and down in five thousand, how many honest story before us: the ancient times have sun bin, good; Song lian and copy book overnight; Modern, deng yingchao, keep the appointment in the rain; Zhou enlai, return the books on time. So many stories, so much of the model. They are each bright pearl in the history, is the lights of the people's hearts will never die out. Era of progress, however, to today, and how many people really do "good faith"? In society, the vendors showed that quality; Petty theft, something for nothing, steal others property; The false advertisement, thuggery; For a time, anhui "inferior milk powder" is how many innocent children hurt. In school, some students homework plagiarism, cheating in the exam, with false grades, deceive parents teacher; Between the classmate don't keep promise, promise the somebody else is changed.


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  "The good faith, the character of this also." The historic sayings handed down from generation to generation, is to tell people that we should be honest. Everyone has lied, I am no exception, but I have already corrected. We also have a look at my previous story.

  Language lesson that day, my deskmate bowen jiao to go to the toilet, but she didn't have paper towels, bad to the toilet, so, I'll help her to others borrow paper towels. I ask all the classmates around again, but none with paper towel. I asked Cao Qianrong at that time, but more far, she didn't hear. I'm try so hard, the, thrown to her, put his hand in the tape unbiased, it hit her. But the teacher saw, also ask who is smashed. I was afraid of the teacher training, so I didn't raise your hand. When the teacher asked students who hit, I reluctantly stood up. Class, the teacher for my communication once, I am ashamed of myself. I decided to later must do an honest boy. The teacher also cheer for me, hope I realize this desire.


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  The up and down five thousand years of civilization, since without integrity, feng yuxiang said that "for a person with good faith, people don't cheat me; to the matter by the good faith, the thing is

  On one occasion, and borrow books to your classmates, very not easy have borrowed, returned home, I couldn't put it down, just like the fish swim in the sea. At lunch I devoured a few mouth went again with relish reading a book, have the time to forget. Is going to go to school, I haven't finished, quickly put down the book and went to school, just sit in the seat, suddenly reminded of my classmates let me return the book to her in the afternoon. But when the book was still quietly lying on the desk in my house! I'm sure she will be very angry. Later, I used up all the sweet words to persuade her, also vowed the tomorrow will bring. Day after day passed, and book is so quiet lie in the place of this should not lie, her face is becoming more and more ugly. I thought to myself: volca erupted! Finally she got angry, fire emit three zhangs, loudly shouted to me. At this time, I felt very upset, very afflictive, really want to have a disappear. Back home, the first thing I put the book in the bag, afraid to forget again. When I returned the book to her, with indescribable smile on his face. But, still, not letting her temper, and vowed never to borrow my book! At this point, I very embarrassed, carefully say: "thank you"! Just fly ran out, the in the mind really not the taste.