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  After an hour's sailing,we reached our destination. We saw a range of shops and houses with one or two storeys by the sea shore. They were not newly built. We also saw quite a number of dead fish which were going to be dried in the sun distributed on the ground. We got to the beach. There were many fishermen's huts and little houses built on disused sampans.


  We crossed the beach and went up the slopes. At last,we reached famous cave. Carrying ta torch,each of us was very excited. We carefully slipped into the dark cave one by one. It was very narrow and we found it difficult to walk through. We could not see anything but the cave. However,we ventured inside the cave. The opening was so small that we could hardly get through.


  Everyone was tired and hungry,so we went to eat all the food we brought with us.The food seems to be more tasteful than usual. After that,some of my classmates went to fish and others went to travel round the island in a boat. We were not on our way home until it was five o'clock in the afternoon,and the sun would set very soon.



  In order to make our city cleaner and more beautiful, the young volunteers of our school went to the People's Park this morning and offered our help.


  At eight, the head of the park met us at the gate. After being divided into groups, we set out to work at once. Some tidied up the parking area and had motorbikes paiked in the right place. Some took care of the flowers and bushes, and persuaded people to keep off the grass. Around the tiger den, one group kept order to prevent accidents from happening. At the aquarium, another group worked as guides and advised visitors not to smoke. When some of us were doing cleaning, an old man praised us and said, "Well done, young fellows!


  We were all tired but happy. What a morning we had today!



  Last Saturday--April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school. Can you guess what we did there?Not for amusement but to take part in a volunteer labour.


  We reached the park at nine o'clock. The whole class was divided into three groups. I was in Group Three.


  Each group had different tasks. Group One planted trees and watered flowers. Group Two was told to pick up litter left by the tourists and cleaned all the benches. The group that I was in wiped all the equipment in the Children's Playground. All of us worked hard.


  Before noon we finished working. Each of us felt a little bit tired, but we were happy because we had done a good deed.



  On October 6th, 2013, I went Xiao Meisha with my fellows to spend a nice seaside holiday. On our arriving at Xiao Meisha, we were all filled with excitement, since this was our first trip to the seaside. Xiao Meisha was an excellent seaside resort indeed. There the sky was clean and bright, the wind was mild and pleasant, the sandy beach was soft and comfortable, and the sea was so magnificent. We felt refreshed at that moment. It seemed as if we traveled in the heaven.


  We did many kinds of activities at the seaside. Some of us went swimming in the sea; some went surfing; some dived underwater; some had a walk along the sea; some played sports on the beach. But I just took some photos of the beautiful sea scenery. All of us had a happy time.


  In the evening, when it was about the time for leaving, we were unwilling to go, because the beautiful sea scenery deeply attracted us. We all expected for our next coming. So I could say that the seaside holiday was both relaxing and wonderful.



  Today my parents and I went to Hong Kong where my aunt lives.We went there by planeit just spend us an hour.


  My aunt received us at the air pot.After lunch we visited the Disney Land in Hong Kong. Mad Hat Cup in Disney Land is my favorite game. We sat in a cup; it is green with a lot of waves pattern on it. The cups have different colors and patterns. When the game started the cup turned and turned and turned around. It went faster and faster gradually. When it's time up it stopped slowly.