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  1. A Brief Analysis of the Heroine Personality in Jane Eyre《简爱》的主人翁个性分析

  2. A Brief Comment on O’Henry Short Stories 亨利的短篇小说述评

  3. A Comment on Hardy’s Fatalism 评哈代的宿命论

  4. A Comparison between the Themes of Pilgrimage to the West and Pilgrim’s Progress《西游记》与《天路历程》主题的比较

  5. A Probe into the Feminist Idea of Jane Eyre 《简爱》男女平等思想的探索

  6. A Study of Native American Literature 美国本土文学的研究

  7. A Study of Student-Centered English Vocabulary Teaching以学生为中心的英语词汇教学

  8. A Study of the Translation of Sports Terms 体育专有名词的翻译

  9. A Study of Transitional Words and Expressions 过渡词及表达法的研究

  10. About the Breaking of American Dream from the Great Gatsby从《了不起的盖茨比》看美国梦的破碎

  11. About the Quality-oriented Education in English Language Teaching英语教学中的素质教育

  12. About Transform of Parts of Speech in Translation 论翻译中词性的转换

  13. Application of English Idioms in Daily Life 英语习语在日常生活中的运用

  14. Body Language Difference in Meaning in Cross-cultural Communication体态语在跨文化交际中的意义差异

  15. Characterization in Charles Dickens’ Novels 狄更斯小说中的人物塑造

  16. Choice of Correct Words in Translation在翻译中如何准确选词

  17. Comment on Bernard Shaw’s Dramatic Art 评肖伯纳的戏剧艺术

  18. Comparing First and Second Language Acquisitions二语习得与母语的比较研究

  19. Cross-culture Failures by Chinese learners of English中国英语学习者跨文化交际中的误区

  20. Cultural Differences and Idiomatic Expressions in Translation论翻译中的文化差异及习惯表达法

  21. Cultural Factors and Limitations in Translation 翻译的文化因素局限性

  22. Developing Students’ Cultural Awareness through Foreign Language Teaching通过外语教学培养学生的文化意识

  23. Dialectics in Translation 翻译中的辩证法

  24. Differences between Audio-lingual Method and Functional Approach听说法与交际法的区别

  25. Effects of Learner’s Motivation in Foreign Language Learning外语学习中学习动机的影响

  26. English Classroom Teaching: Teacher-dominant or Student-centered英语课堂教学——教师主宰还是学生中心

  27. Error Analysis in English Learning as a Foreign Language英语学习中的错误分析研究

  28. Euphemistic Expressions in Foreign Affairs 外事用语中的委婉表达

  29. Features of Network English 网络英语的特点

  30. Food Culture in America and China 中美饮食文化比较

  31. How to Appreciate English Prose: Traditional and Modern Ways如何欣赏英语散文——传统与现代方法比较

  32. Humor and Satire in Pride and Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》的幽默与讽刺

  33. Influence of Mark Twain’s Works in China 马克吐温的作品在中国的影响

  34. Influence of Science and Technology on English Vocabulary科学技术对英语词汇的影响

  35. Information Theory and Translation 信息论与翻译

  36. Inter-Translation of English and Chinese Proverbs 英汉谚语的互译

  37. Jane Austen and the Heroine in Pride and Prejudice简奥丝丁和《傲慢与偏见》的女主人

  38. Lexical Gaps in Chinese and English Inter-Translation 英汉互译的词义差异

  39. Linguistic Features of Abraham Lincoln’s Addresses 论林肯演说词的语言特征

  40. Linguistic Features of Business Contracts 商务合同的语言特征

  41. Linguistic Features of English Advertisements 英语广告的语言特征

  42. Linguistic Taboos in Chinese and English Languages 谈汉英语言中的禁忌现象

  43. Logical Fallacies in English Writing 英文写作中的逻辑谬误

  44. Metaphoric Expressions in Poem … 论《…》诗中的暗喻

  45. Methods and Procedures in Language Teaching 语言教学的方法及过程

  46. Needs Analysis of Language Learners 语言学习者的需求分析

  47. On Attitudes and Motivation in Second Language Learning论第二语言学习的态度及动机

  48. On Charles Dickens Style in … 论狄更斯的《…》中的语言风格

  49. On T.S. Eliot’s Mythological Consciousness 论艾略特的神话意识

  50. On Teacher-Learner Classroom Communication 论教师与学生之间的课堂交流

  51. On the Character of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice论《威尼斯商人》中的人物夏洛克

  52. On the Criteria of Translation 议翻译标准

  53. On the Development of Jane Eyre’s Character 论简爱的性格发展

  54. On the Feasibility of Communicative Approach in China谈交际法在中国的可行性

  55. On the Functions of Ambiguity in English 论英语歧义的功能

  56. On the Humour of Mark Twain 马克吐温的幽默观

  57. On the Importance of Translation Theory 翻译理论的重要性

  58. On the Learning Strategy of English as a Foreign language 谈英语的学习策略

  59. On the Linguistic Features of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn《哈克贝利费恩历险记》的语言特点

  60. On the Poetry of Robert Frost (1874-1963) 评议弗罗斯特的诗歌

  61. On the Poetry of William Wordsworth (1770-1885) 评议沃兹沃斯的'诗歌

  62. On the Principles for Translation 浅议翻译原则

  63. On the Relations of Basic Language Skills 基本语言技能的关系

  64. Translation Techniques of Proverbs, Loanwords and Colloquialisms谚语、外来语和俗语的翻译技巧

  65. On the Style of Withering Heights 《呼啸山庄》的文体分析

  66. On the Tragedy of Loman’s Family in Death of A Salesman《推销员之死》中罗曼一家的悲剧

  67. On the Vividness and Images in Poem … 论《…》诗文的生动性与比喻

  68. On the Words and Expressions Belittling the Female 蔑视女性的词汇和表达法

  69. On the Writing / Translation of Foreign Trade Contracts论涉外经济合同写作/翻译

  70. On Translation of Computer Terms 论计算机的术语翻译

  71. On Translation of Tourist Guide 论旅游指南的翻译

  72. On Translation of Trade Names and Names of Export Commodities论商标、出口商品名称的翻译

  73. On Winston Churchill’s Prose Writing 评邱吉尔的散文写作

  74. Parallelism in English英语中的排比现象

  75. Personality Factors to the Success of Foreign Language Learning个性因素在外语学习中的作用

  76. Points of View and the Mode of Discourse in Vanity Fair论《名利场》的观点及言语方式

  77. Politeness and Indirect Speech Acts 礼貌与间接言语行为

  78. Pragmatic Failures in the Cross-cultural Communication跨文化交际中的语用失误

  79. Professional Skills for Foreign Language Teachers in Chinese Middle Schools中国中学外语教师的专业技能

  80. Relations of Speed and Understandability in Reading Comprehension阅读理解中速度与理解性之间的关系

  81. Relationship between … Theory and Language Research论…理论与语言研究的关系

  82. Relationship of Age to SLA (Second Language Acquisition)论年龄与第二语言习得的关系

  83. Rhetorical and Narrative Devices in A Farewell to Arms《永别了,武器》的修辞与描写手法

  84. Scarlet and Black in The Scarlet Letter 《红字》中的红与黑

  85. Semantic Analysis of Nominalization in EST 科技英语名词化语义分析

  86. Sex Differentiation and Sexism in English Language论英语中的性别现象及性别歧视

  87. Similarities and Dissimilarities of British and American English论英式英语和美式英语的异同

  88. Social Context in the Foreign Language Teaching and Learning外语教学中的社会语境

  89. Study of “Hemingway Style” 论“海明威风格”

  90. Symbolism in Idiomatic Expressions 论习语中的象征手法

  91. Syntactical Features of Business English 谈商务英语写作的句法特征

  92. Syntax in John Milton’s Paradise Lost 弥尔顿的《失乐园》的句法探讨

  93. Techniques of Theme Production in Wuthering Heights《呼啸山庄》主题的表现手法

  94. The Application of Communicative Approach Techniques in Modern Foreign Language Teaching and Learning 交际法的教学手段在现代外语教学中的运用

  95. The Characteristics of Computer Language Vocabulary 计算机语言词汇的特点

  96. The Cognitive and Affective Factors in Task-based English Teaching英语任务型教学中的认知和情感因素

  97. The E/C Translation of Metaphors 暗喻的英汉翻译

  98. The Function of Grammar in English Study 英语学习中语法的功能

  99. The Influence of L1 on the Learning of a Foreign Language母语对外语学习的影响

  100. The Influence of Wars on American Literature 战争对美国文学的影响

  101. The Linguistic Charms of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer《汤姆索亚历险记》的语言魅力

  102. The Negation in Translation 论正说反译和反说正译

  103. The Role of Grammatical Rules in English Language Learning语法规则在英语学习中的地位

  104. The Significance of Communicative Competence in Foreign Language Testing外语测试中交际能力的重要性

  105. The Theory of “Dynamic Equivalence” and its Application in E/C Translation等效翻译理论及其在英汉翻译中的应用

  106. The Translation of Proper Names 专有名词的翻译

  107. The Understanding and Translation of Attributive Clause定语从句的理解与翻译

  108. The Use of Nouns in English 英语中名词的使用

  109. The Ways of Expressing Emphatic Ideas in English英语中强调语气的表达方式

  110. Thomas Hardy and his Tess of the D’Urbervilles 哈代和他的《苔丝》

  111. Translation of Rhetoric Devices in EST (English for Science and Technology)论科技英语中修辞格的翻译方法

  112. Translation Techniques of Idioms and Slangs 成语、俚语的翻译技巧