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  Teaching aims:

  How to do proof reading

  Teaching emphasis:

  Master main mistakes appearing in the text and the methods to correct them

  Teaching process:

  I. Lead in

  1. Ask the Ss some questions about the mistakes appearing in their life.

  (1) Have you made any mistakes in the past three days?

  (2) If so, what will you do facing the mistakes?

  (3) And do you think there is a man who has never made a mistakes so far?

  (4) Do you consider it serious if you make a mistake?

  2. let the Ss have a discussion in pairs and draw the following conclusion: in our daily life , everyone will make a mistake, if we correct them in time , we are good fellows.

  II. Presentation

  1. in our daily life , everyone will make a mistake, if we correct them in time , we are good fellows. And also when we are using a language, we may make some mistakes. Do you want to correct them? Ok, today we are going to learn “how to do proof reading.(show this topic on the slide)”

  2. give the following sentences on the slide:

  ① It’s a great fun.

  ② I’ll do best to help you.

  ③ There are 70% of the students agree to this opinion.

  ④ The firefighters put off the fire quickly.

  3. analyse the kinds of mistakes appearing in these sentences.

  unnecessary word missing word wrong word

  4. show the table on the slide and let the Ss know about what kinds of mistakes often appear in proof reaing.

  年度试题 冠词 名词 连词 形容词/副词 代词 动词时态 主谓一致 动词本身 介词 文义

  2000 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

  2001 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1

  2002 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

  2003 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

  2004 1 3 1 1 3

  III. Practice

  1. Give the passage on the slide and ask the students to discuss it.

  This is a story told by my father: “when I was boy, 1.___________

  The most exciting thing was when to celebrate the Spring 2. ___________

  Festival. My grandma was the best cooker in the world 3. ___________

  but could make the most delicious dishes. One time, I just 4. ___________

  couldn’t wait for the Spring Festival dinner. As I was 5. ___________

  about take a piece from a cooked duck.. I saw grandma in 6. ___________

  the kitchen looking at me.Shake her head, she said, “it 7. ___________

  isn’t a good time to do that ,dear.” At once , I apologize 8. ___________

  and controlled me at me best till the dinner started.You 9. ___________

  know, that was a dinner we had waited for several month. 10. ___________

  2. check the answers with the students and explain the mistakes in it.

  IV.show the following techniques of doing proof reading on the slide. And do some exercises.



  1 通读全文,从语篇入手,理解文章大意

  2 在理解大意的基础上,审查句子结构

  3 从语法结构入手,进行语法改错

  4 通读全文


  1. 冠词: 注意固定结构,特指泛指,

  Suddenly,I caught a sight of my English teacher. 2000

  My teacher advised me to keep my diary. 2003

  2. 名词: 注意单复数,可数不可数,主谓一致

  On the way up I was busy taking picture. 2002

  Their word were a great encouragemet to me. 2003

  3. 连词:注意句子逻辑关系,连词对称性

  It seems always difficult for me to do things well as my classmates. 2004

  I’m trying to improve the situationg since it doesn’t seem to work. 2004

  4. 形容词/副词: 注意形容词副词混用,比较级最高级用法,修饰比较级的副词

  I would describe myself as shy and quietly. 2004

  She called 119 immediate. 2004福建


  I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. 2004福建

  We have to do the washing, cleaning and shopping by us. 2004 天津

  6. 动词:注意时态/语态,第三人称单数,非谓语动词,主从句时态一致

  I remembered her words and calm down. 2000

  Today it is much easier to be healthy than it is in the past. 93

  Play football makes us grow up tall and strong. 2000

  They will do all they can make sure that I get a good education. 2001

  7. 介词: 注意固定短语.介词后宾语形式

  I’ll spend the whole weekend reading and prepar for the exam. 01北京

  I’m looking forward to hear from you soon. 94

  V. Group work.

  1. Give a second passage on the slide. Divide the students into groups of four and have a competiton: which group can get the corrcet answers first? Pay attention to the above methods.

  Living is risky. Crossing the road, driving a car, flying,

  swallowing an aspirin tablet or eating a chicken sandwich-they

  can all be fatal. Clearly some risks worth taking, especially 71._______

  when the rewards are high: a man surrounded by flames and

  smoke generally considers that jumping out of a second floor

  window is an acceptable risk to save its life. But in medicine a 72._______

  few procedures, drugs, operations or tests are really a matter of 73._______

  life and death. There may be sound medicine reasons for ac- 74. _______

  cepting electrical shock treatment, but such reasons are totally

  dependent in the balance of risks and benefits for the patients. 75. _______

  Surgery for cancer may cure or prolong a life, but the re-

  moval of tonsils(扁桃体)cannot save anything a sore throat. 76. _______

  Blood pressure drugs definitely help some people live after a

  heart attack, but these same drugs may be both necessary and 77. _______

  harmful for those with only mild blood pressure problems.

  Deciding how much discomfort and risk we are preparing to 78._______

  put up with in the name of better health is a high personal mat- 79. _______

  ter, not a decision we should remain to doctors alone. 80. _______

  2.let the group that first finish it give their answers and check them with the whold class.

  VI. consolidation

  Show the following rules on the slide:


  1. 词序不改,一词不改成两词。

  2. 做题方法规范,严格按照要求。


  Summarize the methods with dealing with proof reading.

  VIII. Home work: finish a proof reading exercise.