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  1. occasion n.时刻,时节;大事;节日


  [应试指导] (1)on no occasion位于句首时倒装的考查 (2)作先行词时定语从句引导词的考查

  on occasion(s)偶尔,有时

  on one occasion曾经,有一次

  on this/that occasion在这个/那个时候

  on no occasion绝不,不会

  occasional adj.偶尔的,间或发生的

  occasionally adv.有时,偶尔

  It is an occasion for all the family to celebrate.


  What do they say when they meet on a formal occasion?




  (1)I call on my parents on occasion.

  (2)On no occasion should you do such a thing like that.

  (3)I can remember very few occasions when he had to ask for leave because of ill health.

  2. celebration n.庆祝;庆典(a speciallyorganized event to celebrate..

  [应试指导] 祝贺类写作高频词汇

  in celebration of为庆贺……

  celebrate sth.庆祝……

  congratulate sb./oneself on sth.因……向某人/自己庆贺


  Usually,no matter how far away or how busy we are,we will try to return home for the celebration.




  (1)The old couple held a party to celebrate(celebrate) their fiftieth wedding anniversary last week.

  (2)I want to congratulate you on your success with all my heart.

  (3)Celebrating/To celebrate(celebrate) Christmas is their custom.

  (4)I congratulated myself on having chosen a good woman to be my wife.

  3. power n.能力;力量;权力;动力

  [应试指导] 在谚语中的应用

  come to/into power掌权;上台

  in one’s power在某人的掌控中

  beyond/out of one’s power某人不能胜任的,超出某人能力的.

  do all in one’s power尽力而为

  As the saying goes,knowledge is power.


  She is said to have the power to foresee the future.


  She interviewed six women who have reached positions of great power and influence.




  ①The president is the most powerful(power) man in America.

  ②They have invented a new car,which is powered(power) by solar batteries.

  (2)He told her that he would do everything in his power to prove that he was the man for her.

  ①He told her that he would do what he could to prove that he was the man for her.(改为含有what从句的复合句)

  ②He told her that he would do his best to prove that he was the man for her.(用do one’s best改写句子)

  4. destroy v.摧毁,毁灭;破坏(damage...badly

  destroy one’s health有害健康

  destroy one’s career/hopes毁灭某人的事业/毁掉希望

  cause/do damage to对……造成破坏

  The fire destroyed most of the building.


  All hopes of a peaceful settlement were destroyed by his speech.


  Failure was slowly destroying him.


  [词义辨析] destroy,damage





  ①The bridge was destroyed by the flood.

  ②The strong sandstorm damaged most of the young trees.


  ①Smoking destroying(destroy) his health,he is quite weak now.

  ②His hope destroyed(destroy),he felt helpless.

  5. decorate v.装饰;装修

  [应试指导] 场所介绍类写作高频词汇


  decoration n.装饰;装修;装饰品

  The hall is decorated with flowers.




  (1)With its simple decoration(decorate),the main bedroom is a peaceful heaven.

  (2)He decorated his room with pictures of all his favorite sports figures.

  6. serve v.服侍……进餐;服役;供职于;服务;用作

  serve sth.to sb.=serve sb.sth.给某人端上……

  serve the people为人民服务

  serve as当作;作为

  at the service of sb.=at one’s service听……差遣;随时准备为……做事

  server n.服务器;侍者

  Who will serve lunch to us/serve us lunch?


  The company said it would focus on making more competitive servers,storage and networking gear,as well as analytic software.



  (1)When the news came that the war broke out,he decided to serve in the army(去部队服役).

  (2)She ushered(引导) me into the front room,which served as(用作) her office.

  (3)We are at your service(随时为你服务).Don’t hesitate to turn to us if you have any further problems.

  7. apply vt.&vi.涂(put or spread sth.onto a surface);应用(use);使用;申请(make a request);涉及(concern,relate)

  apply vt.&vi.涂(put or spread sth.onto a surface);应用(use);使用;申请(make a request);涉及(concern,relate)

  [应试指导] 申请类写作高频词汇

  apply (to sb.) for sth.(向某人)申请某物

  apply to适合

  apply sth.to sth.把某物应用(涂抹)于……

  apply oneself to (=be applied to)(doing)sth.致力于/集中精力于……

  application n.申请;报名;适用

  applicant n.申请者;应征者;报名者

  Apply some medicine to his wound.


  What you said doesn’t apply to me.




  ①The new technology,if applied to rice growing,will help increase the grain output.

  ②His application for membership of the organization was rejected.

  ③If the applicant is not a true candidate for the job,do not interview him.

  (2)If you apply yourself to the job in hand,you’ll soon finish it.

  ①Applying yourself to the job in hand,you’ll soon finish it.(用现在分词短语作状语改写句子)

  ②Applied to the job in hand,you’ll soon finish it.(用过去分词短语作状语改写句子)

  8. attend v.出席,参加(be present);照料,护理(take care of);处理,对付(deal with)

  [应试指导] 其高级词汇是be present at

  attend school/class/church上学/上课/做礼拜

  attend on/upon sb.伺候某人;照顾某人

  attend to sb./sth.处理;倾听;照料;专心;注意

  Thousands of people attended the ceremony.


  They will not attend the Olympic Winter Games.


  The main thing is to attend to the injured.




  (1)—Would you like to join us in the game?

  —I’m afraid not,for I have something important to attend to.

  (2)I’m staying at home tonight to attend on/to my father.

  9. contribute v.捐献;捐助(give money or goods to...);是……的原因之一(be one of the causes of sth.);贡献;投稿(write...for...)

  contribute v.捐献;捐助(give money or goods to...);是……的原因之一(be one of the causes of sth.);贡献;投稿(write...for...)

  [多词一义] contribute to,result in,be responsible for,bring about,lead to,cause


  contribute to(=result in/lead to)有助于;导致

  make a contribution/contributions to对……作出贡献

  He contributed a lot of good ideas to the discussion.


  Would you like to make a contribution to the hospital building fund?




  Various factors contributed to his downfall.

  Various factors resulted in/led to/were responsible for/caused his downfall.

  (2)In a discussion group,it’s very important that everyone contributes(每个人都贡献) whatever’s in their minds.

  10. link v.& n.关联;联系;关系


  be linked to/with和……有联系

  link up连接起来

  Researchers have detected a link between smoking and heart disease.


  Television stations around the world are linked by satellites.




  (1)Police suspect there may be a link between the two murders.

  (2)The newspapers have linked his name with hers.

  (3)The two spacecraft will link up with each other in orbit.

  11. seriously adv.认真地;真诚地


  be serious about对……严肃

  I want people who take responsibility seriously.


  I’m afraid I’m not a very serious person.



  (1)It was a question which deserved serious consideration(认真考虑).

  (2)He was serious about(认真对待) the matter.

  12. mess n.脏或乱的状态;弄乱,弄脏

  in a mess一片混乱

  make a mess of把……弄乱

  mess up把……弄糟

  messy adj.杂乱的

  When he returned home,he found everything in a terrible mess.


  Don’t mess up the house while I am gone.




  (1)Mei began being upset and wondered why everything was in a mess.

  (2)As the work tends to be a bit messy(mess),you’ll need to wear old clothes.


  1. burn down把……烧毁;渐渐烧完

  burn...to the ground把……烧成平地

  be burned/burnt out耗尽体力,累垮

  be burning to do sth.热切盼望做某事

  The village was burned to the ground during the war.


  By the age of 25 she was completely burned out and retired from the sport.



  He is eager to tell us his great success.

  He is burning to tell us his great success.(用burn短语改写句子)

  2. take part in参与;参加

  for one’s part就某人来说

  for the most part(=mostly)多半;通常

  in part部分地

  play a part in参加;对……起作用

  part with卖掉;放弃;出让

  A good listener takes part in the conversation,offering ideas and raising questions to keep the talk flowing.


  Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel,David Copperfield,was that it was rather closely modeled on his own life.




  for the most part,in part,part with,play a part in

  (1)All this may play a part in the war on terrorism.

  (2)He naturally didn’t want to part with his house.

  (3)His success is in part owing to luck.

  (4)The students are,for the most part,from villages.

  3. depend on/upon依靠,依赖,指望(=rely/count on/upon)

  [应试指导] 交际用语It/That depends的考查

  [多词一义] depend on,rely on,count on

  depend on sb.to do...依靠某人做……

  depending on取决于……

  depend on it that...指望……;相信……

  It/That (all) depends.视情况而定。

  The cooking time needed depends on the size of the potato.


  He depended on his writing for his income.



  You can depend on him to help you.

  (1)You can depend on it that he will help you.(用it作形式宾语改写句子)

  (2)You can depend on his helping you.(用动名词改写句子)

  4. on time准时;按时

  in time及时

  in no time立即,马上

  at no time决不

  at a time一次

  at one time曾经;一度

  keep time走得准;合拍

  kill time消磨时间,

  for the time being暂时

  ahead of time提前

  take one’s time别着急

  Even if one makes a mistake,correcting mistakes in time is a good thing.




  (1)At no time did I feel they were being unreasonable.

  (2)I want to be home in time for tea.

  (3)You’d better do one thing at a time,so that you can concentrate on it.

  (4)At one time,that kind of thing would have made me really angry.

  5. put up建造,搭建;举起;留宿;提高;张贴;提出(意见等

  [应试指导] 熟词新义的考查

  put away把……收起来,放好;储存

  put back放回原处;耽搁

  put down放下;写下,记下;镇压

  put up with忍受,忍耐

  put on穿上;上演

  In Picture 1,a man is trying to put up a banner on a lonely tree surrounded by stumps,but in vain.


  Tall buildings have been put up,including classrooms,laboratory buildings and a library.



  写出下列句子中put up的汉语意思

  (1)She put up a notice about the school trip to Italy.张贴

  (2)Several of the banks have decided to put up their interest rates.提高

  (3)I was soaked before I could put my umbrella up.举起

  (4)Would you be able to put me up for the night when I come to London?留宿

  (5)It was Clare who first put up the idea of a concert to raise money for the school.提出

  (6)John was in the garden putting a fence up.建造,搭建

  6. carry on (with) 继续;坚持

  [应试指导] “carry+副词”类语境词义辨析

  carry away拿走;冲走;吸引住

  carry back将……送/带回原地;使某人记起

  carry off赢得;获得

  carry out执行;实施;履行;完成

  carry through达成;贯彻;使渡过难关

  Her bravery has given him the will to carry on with his life and his work.


  She was yelling and screaming and carrying on.




  (1)Carry on with your work and try to get it finished while I’m away.

  (2)The first thing to be done is to carry away the earth.

  (3)Police say they believe the last week’s attacks were carried out by nationalists.