Unit 2 Keeping Healthy Topic1 Sectio

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Unit 2 Keeping Healthy Topic1 Section B教案

  仁爱版八年级上Unit 2 Keeping Healthy Topic1

Unit 2 Keeping Healthy Topic1 Section B教案

  You’d better go to see a doctor.Section B 教学设计

  The main activities are1aand2a. 本课重点活动是1a和2a。

  Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标

  1. Learn some new words and phrases:

  pale, terrible, day and night, feel like doing, lie down, candy, brush, tooth (teeth), Internet, care, take care of

  2. Learn some useful sentences:

  (1)I’m feeling terrible!

  (2)How long have you been like this?

  (3)How are you feeling, Nick?

  3. Go on learning some modals for giving advice:

  (1) You’d better go to see a doctor.

  (2) Why don’t you have a good rest?

  (3) You should lie down and rest.

  (4) You’d better not drink cold water.

  (5) You shouldn’t eat too much candy.

  4. Get students to know how to take care of themselves and others.

  Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具


  Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案

  Step 1Review 第一步复习(时间:5分钟)


  1. (教师出示上节课的卡片,复习保持健康的话题。)

  T:Look at this card and let’s make a dialog. You ask, and I answer.

  Ss:     What’s wrong with you? / What’s the matter with you?

  T: I have …

  Ss: You should/shouldn’t …

  2. (改变人称,复习第三人称单数代词的用法。)

  T: Look at this card, (教师拿着或指着卡片) please use “he”, “she”, “him” or “her” to make a  dialog.

  Ss: What’s wrong with him? / What’s the matter with him?

  T: He has …

  Ss: Oh, he should/shouldn’t …


  T: Well done. In this lesson, let’s learn more about modals for giving advice.

  Step 2Presentation 第二步呈现(时间:15分钟)


  1. (老师扮演医生,学生扮演病人。)

  T:S1, suppose you are ill. You come to the hospital. I am the doctor. You look pale. What’s the matter?(教师作咳嗽状以作提示)

  S1: I’m feeling terrible. I cough day and night.(教师帮助回答。)


  pale, terrible, day and night

  T:I’m sorry to hear that. How long have you been like this?



  How long have you been like this?

  S1: Three days.

  T:Do you feel like eating?


  feel like doing

  S1: No, I don’t.

  T:I think you have a cold. You’d better drink plenty of boiled water.

  S1: Can I go to school today?

  T:I think you’d better not go to school. Why not stay in bed and have a rest? My meaning is that you’d better lie down and rest. It’s good for you.


  you’d better (not)

  Why not …?

  lie down

  S1: OK, thank you very much.

  T:Not at all.

  2. (出示1a图片,学生猜测图中人物发生了怎样的故事。然后用小黑板呈现听力任务,让学生带着问题听1a录音,并理解生词hey。)

  T: Boys and girls, we have learnt some modals for giving advice. Now let’s look at the picture in1aand guess what happened to Bruce. Then listen to1aand answer the questions.

  (1)What’s the matter with Bruce?

  (2)What should he do?

  (3)What does the word“hey”mean?




  3. (再放1a录音,让学生跟读并找出关键词及短语,整体呈现1a。)

  T: Now, listen to1aagain and repeat. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.

  Ss: …

  T: Please read the dialog loudly by yourselves, and find out the key words and phrases.


  look pale, feel terrible, have a headache and a cough, had better, take … to …

  4. (让学生分角色朗读,并尝试记下关键词,为表演作准备。)

  Step 3Consolidation 第三步巩固(时间:10分钟)


  1. (教师为学生准备道具,设置情景,让学生根据关键词表演对话,完成1b。)

  T: Practice the dialog with your partner according to the key words and phrases, then act it out.


  Ss: …

  2. (让学生独立完成1c。)

  T: Well done! Boys and girls, now please number the sentences by yourselves, then make a conversation.


  How are you feeling?

  Why don’t you …? = Why not …?

  day and night

  You’d better (not) do …


  3. (让学生用板书的句子及短语编对话,掌握重点知识。)

  T: Please make a dialog according to the phrases and sentences on the blackboard. Then act it out.

  4. (做游戏,把全班分成两组,A组选出一名学生表演病状,B组猜出其病情并提出一项建议。两组交替角色。猜对病情加1分,给出建议加2分,最后评出获胜组,并给予鼓励或小小的奖励。)

  (GA) S1: (不停地咳嗽。)

  (GB) Ss: You have a bad cold. You’d better have a good rest.

  (GB) S2: (表演牙疼。)

  (GA) Ss: You have a toothache. You should see a dentist.


  T: Please stop here! Let me see. Oh, Group A is better. Congratulations! Group B, can you sing an English song for Group A?

  GB: OK.

  (如果时间允许,可采用生日快乐歌的曲调唱Good morning/afternoon to you! 每唱完一句,快速击掌三下,使课堂气氛达到高潮。)

  Step 4Practice 第四步练习(时间:10分钟)


  1. (老师手摸喉咙,并作很难受的样子,提示学生向老师提问。)

  S1:   What’s wrong with you, Miss Liao?

  T: I have a sore throat.



  S1 :   You should/had better take good care of yourself.(帮助学生回答。)



  take care of

  T: Thank you. I will. I think I had better lie down and rest after work.


  T:What’s wrong with you?

  S2: I have a toothache.

  T:You had better not eat too much candy.



  2. (根据2a中所给的例子,两人一组用方框中的`句子练习对话。完成2a。)

  T: Now, please make new dialogs with your partner according to the example in2a.

  (学生两人一组快速练习had better, had better not, should, shouldn’t。然后检查几组学生,教师给予点评,要求学生尽可能多地给出建议。)

  3. (看2b图片,完成2b练习,巩固had better (not), should (not)的用法。)

  T: Now, please look at the pictures of 2b. Fill in the blanks according to the pictures.



  brush, Internet, tooth (teeth)

  Step 5Project 第五步综合探究活动(时间:5分钟)


  1. (根据1a和1c对话内容,创设情景,让学生两人一组进行对话,深入有关看病的话题。)

  T: Suppose you are ill, you go to see a doctor. Make a dialog between you and the doctor. The following expressions can help you.

  How are you feeling?

  What’s wrong? = What’s the matter?

  Not so well. (I’m feeling terrible.)

  How long have you been like this?

  feel like doing

  You’d better (not) …

  You should (not) …

  Why not …?


  S1: What’s wrong with you, S2?

  S2: I’m feeling terrible …

  2. (找几组学生进行表演,评出最好的一组给予表扬。)

  3. Homework:

  编五个对话,将五种疾病toothache, fever, sore throat, headache, stomachache分别融入话题,用had better …及had better not …, should …及should not …结构写出医生的建议。


  You’d better go to see a doctor.

  Section B

  day and night       You’d better go to see a doctor.

  feel like doing       How long have you been like this?

  take care of           Shall I take you to the hospital?

  on the Internet         Why don’t you …? = Why not …?

  Why don’t you have a good rest?

  You’d better not go to school today.

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