Module5 unit3 Science versus nature reading知识点(丹阳)(译林牛津版高二英语必修五学案设计)

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1. announcement n. 宣告,通告。

The president made an unexpected announcement this morning.总统今天上午做了一个出乎意料的通告。

announce v.

She announced the winner of the competition to an excited audience.她向激动的观众宣布了比赛的冠军。

3. interfere vi. 干涉,干预。

Even a low lever of noise interferes with my concentration.即使很小的噪音也能干扰我的注意力。

interference n.

4. normal adj. 正常的,常规的,标准的; n. 常态, 通常标准,一般水平

It’s normal to feel tiered after such a long trip.这样长途旅行后感到疲劳是正常的。

Things soon returned to normal.情况很快恢复了正常。

比较:ordinary 平常的,普通的;常用来与不寻常或特别的事物形成对比。

He is clearly no ordinary student.他显然是是个不一般的学生。

normal 用来描述预料之中,正常、常规的事物。

We are open during normal working hours.我们在正常的上班时间都开门营业。

common 常见的,共同的,指符合或具有全体共有的特征。

The surname of ‘Smith’ is very common in Britain. ‘Smith’的姓在英国很常见。

Common sense 常识; usual 通常的,惯例的。

It’s usual with him to go to work on foot. 他通常步行上班。 as/than usual

5. praise vt &n. 表扬,赞扬;表彰

He was highly praised for his research on heart disease.

He received praise from his colleagues for winning the prize. 因为赢得奖赏他得到了同事们的一致赞扬。

6. shock v.&n. 打击,震动,震惊

The news of the accident shocked the family deeply. 这场事故的消息深深地打击了这个家庭。

It was a shock to see her looking so ill. 看到她病得这么厉害让我很震惊。

be shocked at sth./ to do/that…

7. consider v.

consider doing sth. 考虑做某事

consider sb./sth. (to be)+n./ adj. 认为……

consider sb. as

consider sb. to do sth

He is considering moving to the west.他正考虑去西部。

We consider him (to be) very generous/a generous man. 我们认为他很慷慨。

Don’t consider me as a fool. 不要认为我是一个傻瓜。

He is considered to have invented the first computer. 他被认为是第一个发明电脑的人。

She considers it impolite to talk while eating.她认为吃饭的时候说话是不礼貌的。

8. intention n. 意图;目的;企图

He went to Paris with the intention of learning French.

intend v.

intend to do/sb. to do 打算(让某人)做某事;be intended to do

be intended for 为……准备/安排/设计

His parents intended him to study abroad. 他的父母想让他去国外学习。

The course is intended for intermediate-lever students. 这个课程是为中等水平的学生开设的。

9. anxiety n. 焦虑不安

Children normally feel a lot of anxiety about their first day at school.孩子们在上学第一天通常都感到很焦虑。 anxious adj. 焦急的;渴望的

10. desperate adj. 不顾一切的,拼命的,铤而走险的;绝望的;极想,渴望的;危急的

a desperate criminal 不顾死活的罪犯;She is desperate for work. 她极渴望得到工作。

They are desperate to escape.他们急于想逃跑。

a desperate attempt/measures 铤而走险的努力/措施;

The country is in a desperate state.国家处于非常危急的困境。

desperation n. desperately adv.

11. adopt v. 收养,领养;采纳,采用

They adopted a baby girl.他们收养了一个女婴。

We adopted their production methods.我们采用了他们的生产方法。

The committee adopted my suggestions.委员会接受了我的建议。

12. deliver v. 递送,传送;发言,陈述,发表;给……接生

A postman’s job is to deliver letters and parcels.邮递员的工作是送信和包裹。

He delivered an important speech at the meeting. 他在会上发表了一个重要的演说。

deliver a baby 接生一个孩子 deliver a woman (of a twin)帮助一个妇女分娩(产下双胞胎)

13. succeed v. 成功,达成;继承,接替

If you try hard, you’ll succeed finally. 你如果努力就能成功。

When the duke dies, his eldest son will succeed to the title. 公爵去世后,他的长子将继位。

14. benefit v. 有利于;获益,得到好处

benefit sb. 有益于某人; benefit from sb./sth 从某人/某事获益; benefit by doing

It’s an expensive investment but it will benefit the company in the long run.这是一项花费很大的投资,但从长远来看,它对公司有好处。

Many thousands have benefited from the new treatment.成千上万的人获益于新的治疗。

They would benefit by reducing their labor costs.他们通过降低劳动力成本得到了好处。

benefit n. 利益,好处;救济金;补贴;慈善(或公益)活动

She has had the benefit of a first-class education.她因受过一流教育而获益。

Housing benefits are given out at the end of the year.住房补贴在年底发放。

a benefit for old actors 为老演员所举办的义演

beneficial adj. be beneficial to do sth.

15. comment v.&n. 评论,评价

comment on/upon have(make) comments on 对……进行评论

Will you please comment on my essay? 你能对我的论文做点评论吗?

I don’t want to make a comment on your behavior.我不想对你的行为做出评论。

16. advance v.前进,推进;促进(进程、发展)

Napoleon’s army advanced on Moscow. 拿破伦的军队想莫斯科推进。

She’s not really concerned about this issue---she’s just trying to advance her own interests.她不是真的关心这个问题--她只是想为自己多捞一些好处。

advance n. 前进,进展

her rapid advance in the company她在公司里的迅速提升

in advance 预先,提前

We had to pay the rent two weeks in advance. 我们不得不提前两周交付房租。

Ⅱ. Phrases

1. on the one hand…on the other hand 一方面……另一方面

On the one hand, I want to sell the house, but on the other hand, I cannot bear the thought of moving.一方面我想卖掉房子,但另一方面我一想起搬家就不能忍受。

2. point out 指出

point out a mistake / one’s fault 指出一个错误/某人的过错

point at 指着、瞄准 The hour hand pointed at 12. 时针指着12点。

“Freeze!” he yelled, pointing his gun at me. “别动!”他用枪指着我喊到。

point to 指向

3. in general=generally 总体上说

4. breakthrough n.. 突破

a significant breakthrough 一次重大的突破

break through v. They broke through eventually.

break through the fence / one’s limit; break through the heavy fog 穿透浓雾

4. concentrate one’s attention/ one’s energy/efforts/oneself on/upon 集中注意力/精力…

5. be related to/ relate to 与……有联系;与……有关

He showed me all the evidence that relates to the murder.他向我出示了所有与这次谋杀有关的证据。

6. while 尽管;当……时候;但是,却;只要

While I understand what you say, I can’t agree with you.尽管我能理解你所说的,却无法赞同。

They arrived while we were having dinner.他们来的时候我们正在吃晚饭。

Their country has plenty of oil, while ours has none.他们国家盛产石油,我们国家却一点也没有。

While there is life, there is hope.只要活着就有希望。

7. push ahead with 义无反顾的进行;努力推进

They began to push ahead with their new policy.他们开始义无反顾地推行他们的新政策。

ahead of time 提前

8. end up with sth. (music/ a dance etc.)以一段音乐/舞蹈结束

end up as ( a thief/ President etc.) 最终成为一个小偷/总统

end up in ( prison/hospital etc.)

end up doing

9. use up : run out of sth. 用完,耗尽 use up our petrol / gas/ energy/ natural resources

The energy has run out. The energy has been run out of . in agreement with=agree with

I am in agreement with/agree with you on that point. So I will support you. 我同意你在那点上的观点,所以我会支持你的。

If I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby tomorrow.

Subjunctive mood

虚拟语气是一种动词形式,表示说话人的一种愿望,假设,怀疑,猜测, 建议等含义,虚拟语气所表示的含义不是客观存在的事实。

If +主语+did/were, 主语+would/could/might etc. + do. (表示与现在/将来相反)

If I were you, I would shut my mouth. 如果我是你,我就会闭嘴。

Would you mind if I closed the window? 你介意我关上窗吗?(虚拟语气更委婉)

cf. Do you mind if I close the window?

If mankind interfered with nature like this, it would be destroyed eventually.如果人类如此破坏自然的话,自然将最终被破坏。

If his parents didn’t die at a young age, he might not be suffering so much.

Phrases for Reading ( M5U3)

1. make an announcement recently

2. cause/contribute to/lead to/ result in much anxiety

3. on the one hand… on the other hand

4. point out one’s fault

5. produce valuable tissues and organs

6. interfere with nature continuously

7. on one’s way to creating an exact copy

8. the first mammal to be cloned

9. perform better than normal

10. in general

11. be praised for his brilliant scientific breakthrough

12. break through the heavy fog

13. concentrate/focus efforts on the research

14. with the intention of raising public concern

15. show no respect for human life

16. push ahead with the significant policy

17. be genetically related to his adopted son

18. be faced with a desperate situation 面临绝境

19. deliver supplies to flooded villagers 为受灾的村民们递送供给物

20. succeed in dealing with the consequences成功地处理了这些结果

21. benefit mankind enormously 对人类非常有益

22. be totally immoral to destroy a human embryo 破坏人体胚胎是绝对不道德

23. end up replacing his director结果替代了他的主管

24. use up natural resources

25. be delighted to see the new product for sale 见到在售的新产品很高兴

26. comment on my essay 评论我的论文

27. in complete agreement with human cloning与人类克隆完全一致

28. challenge questions of morality for centuries 质疑道德问题好多世纪

29. on a personal note 就个人而言

30. die of heart failure

31. attend a seminar on genetic engineering 参加一个基因工程的研讨会

32. have no concept of cloning 对克隆一无所知

33. have no right to experiment with human life

34. put the vase in place 把花瓶放置好

35. take away his license 没收他的执照

36. declare cloning humans illegal 宣布克隆人类违法