unit 4 Helping people around the world grammarGrammar unreal conditionals(译林牛津版高二英语选修七教案教学设计)

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;: other cases

1 period1 the 1st period

I. Teaching aims:

1.To make Ss grasp other waqys to express unreal conditionals and know how to use them correctly

II. difficult points

1. the phrases and patterns of expressing unreal conditionals

2. how to tell the fact from unreal conditionals and use them correctly

III. teaching methods and aids

1. Deductive method

2. Practice its use through exercise

IV. Teaching Procedures:

Step 1 Revision

1. Revise acronyms

2. Check homework exercises

Step 2 grammar explanation

混合虚拟语气: 若主句从句所指的时间不一致,即条件从句表示与过去事实相反,主句表示与现在事实相反;或者条件从表示与现在事实相反,主句表真实情况,则从句中应采用与具体时间相对应的虚拟形式。如:

If it had rained last night(过去),it would be very cold today(现在).

If I had taken your advice(过去),I should have no trouble with the work now(现在).

* 介词短语表虚拟 with, without, but for,

But for the storm we should have had a pleasant journey.

Without the teacher’s help, I can’t have made so much progress.

* as if/though引导的从句中,用过去式表示与现在事实不符,用过去完成式表示与过去事实不符;但表可能性极大时用陈述语气.(It looks/seems as if…)

The two strangers talked as if they had been friends for years.


I’m too busy now, otherwise I would help you do the work

* if only “如果…就好了”,. “要是….就好了”




If only I were you!

If only you had come yesterday!

If only Linda could go with us tomorrow!

* 在动词wish后的宾语从句中,用过去式表示与现在事实不符,用过去完成式表示与过去事实不符,用would/could加动词原形,表将来不太可能实现的愿望。如:

I wish that he weren’t so lazy.

I wish I hadn't wasted so much time.

I wish she would change her mind.

* would (had) rather所引起的从句中要求用过去式表示当时或将来的情况,用过去完成时表示过去的情况,表示希望或婉转的责备。例如:

I would rather (that) you hadn't told him.

I’d rather you posted the letter right away. 我倒希望你把这封信立刻寄出去。

* 在it is time( high time, about time)句型中常用过去式表示虚拟或sb.should do。

It’s time that something was done about the traffic problem downtown.

It is high time that we put an end to this discussion.现在是我们该结束讲座的时候了

* had hoped/ planned/ /wanted/ intended/meant 表示一种过去未曾实现的愿望(过去打算,想要做某事却实际没做成),

=hoped/planned/wanted/intended /meant to have done ,后常带but引导的从句

* would like/love to have done, was/were supposed +have done

* thought/had thought 表‘原以为。。。。”,现在已不这么想了.

I had thought he had been dead for at least 20 years, .However, he came back yesterday..

I had hoped that she would go to the U.S. and study there, but she said she liked to stay in China.

* 情态动词+have done : should (not)have done (ought to) need (not ) have done

could/might have done

1)should have done表示“本来应该做某事而实际上未做”,而shouldn’t have


You should have told me about it earlier.

You shouldn’t have said such words to your parents

(2)ought to have done也表示“本应该……”而ought not to have done则意为“本不应该……”。如:

You ought to have told me about it earlier.

You ought not to have said such words to your parents.

(3)needn’t have done表示“本无必要做某事而实际上做了”。如:

You needn’t have walked so quickly since time was enough.

4)could have done表示“本来有可能……而事实上未做到”。如:

I could have come on time, but my car broke on the way.

*从句用Sb. (should) do 特殊句式表虚拟语气

* 在表“命令,建议,要求,,安排“等动词suggest,advise,order,demand,propose,request,require,command,insist等后的宾语从句中,用虚拟语气(即(Should)+动词原形)来表示愿望、建议、命令、请求等。如果从句修饰这些动词的名词形式(suggestion, proposal,idea,plan,order,advice,demand, request, requirement), 该用法仍然成立.

I advise that we should send for Doctor Li.

My advice is that we(should)send for Doctor Li.

That we (should) send for doctor Li is my advice.

They accepted my advice that we (should ) send for Doctor Li.

* 在It is necessary/important/strange/natural that…

It is a pity(a shame, no wonder) that…

It is necessary that he(should)be sent there at once.

It is a pity that he (should )be so rude to a lady.

* so that (以便 ),for fear that(以免, 唯恐),in order that (以便), in case (假使),从句中加情态动词,有时should可省略。


I'll get some beer in case John should come.

He entered the room quietly in order that he should not wake his roommate.