Unit 1 Lifestyles (译林牛津版高二英语选修六教案教学设计)

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Unit 1 Lifestyles



1.suppose vt. 认为,猜想

(1)I suppose =I think

eg: Price will go up, I suppose.


(2)I suppose so /not.

我猜想是这样。 /我猜想不是这样。

(3)suppose sb. /sth. to be (adj. / n.)

eg: I had supposed his wife a younger woman.


(4)suppose+that- clause

eg: There's no reason to suppose that his new book will be any better than his last one.


(5)be supposed to do /be sth.(按规定、习惯、安排等)应当,必须

eg: You're supposed to buy a ticket, but few people do.


(6)be not supposed to do /be 不准,不应当

eg: You are not supposed to walk on the grass.


(7)suppose /supposing (that)假如,假设……

eg: Suppose /Supposing that you are wrong, what will you do then?



题1-1 (2007,山东济南模拟,1分) He to have an important business _____.

A. supposed; finished B. supposes; to do

C. is supposed; on D. was supposed; with

题1-2 I don't suppose anyone will volunteer,_____?

A. do I B. don't C. will they D. won't they


题1-1 答案:C。点拨:be supposed to do sth. 意思是"被料想做某事"或"应该做某事"。have sth. on 意思是"有……在身"。

题1-2 答案:C。点拨:当主语是第一人称,谓语动词是suppose,think,believe,imagine等词时,否定前移,这是一个否定句,故反义疑问时用肯定形式。

2.complain vi. 抱怨,投诉

eg: I've really got nothing to complain.



(1)complain about sth. /sb.


eg: They complained bitterly about the injustice of the system.


(2)complain about sb./sth. to sb.


eg: Our neighbour said if we made any more noise he'd complain (about us) to the police.


(3)complain of 说自己有……病痛

eg: He was complaining of difficulty in breathing.


(4)complaint n. 抱怨

make a complaint about sth. to sb. 向某人抱怨某事

complainer n. 抱怨者


题2-1 English people are always about the weather.

A. complementing B. compliment

C. complaining D. supplement


题2-1 答案:C。点拨:句意:英国人总在抱怨天气。Complain 抱怨,诉苦;后面跟介词about。

3. switch vt. (使某事物) 转变或改变

eg: He switched the conversation from one subject to another.



(1)switch n. 意思为"开关,闸,转换器;转换,更改"。

(2)switch on接通(电流等),开(灯,无线电等)

switch (sth) off关上(电灯,电视等)

switch (sb) off 使某人)感到乏味、厌烦

switch sth. over / round (使某人/物)交换位置,转换


题3-1 (2007,南京一模,1分) It's time to watch news on TV. Please the TV set.

A. switch on B. switch off

C. switch over D. switch away

题3-2(2008,济宁二模,1分) We made a in our plan to go swimming when it started to rain.

A. turn B. switch C. point D. exchange


题3-1 答案:A。点拨:switch on接通(电流等),开(灯,无线电等);switch (sth) off关上(电灯,电视等)

switch(sth.)over (使某人/物)交换位置,转换;

题3-2 答案:B。点拨:turn,转向,转动,转弯,转变,变化,机会,不与make连用; switch 转换,转变;point点,分数;exchange交换,交流。

4. bored adj. 厌烦的,不感兴趣的


(1)a boring sb. /sth.令人感到厌烦的人 /物

a boring job /person 令人感到枯燥的工作 /令人感到无聊的人

(3)be bored with sth. 对某事感到厌烦,相当于:be tired of sth/doing sth.

eg: She's bored with her job. (=She's tired of her job.)



(1)bore v. 使 (人) 厌烦

eg: He bored us all by talking for hours about his new car.



题4-1 If there's nothing for me to do, I will get _____ (厌烦). The news is (厌烦)

题4-2 (2008,山东泰安一模,1分) Mr Smith, of the ____speech, started to read a novel.

A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored

C .tired; bored. D. tiring; boring


题4-1:点拨:bored ,boring

题4-2; 答案:A。点拨:tired of系表结构作状语,(人)厌烦的;boring令人厌烦的。

5.suffer vi. 感到疼痛,遭受(痛苦);受损失,受损害

eg: If the factory closes, the other local businesses are bound to suffer too.



(1)sufferer n. 意思为"患病者, 受苦者"。suffering意思为"疼痛,痛苦,折磨"。

eg.: Death finally brought an end to her suffering.

(2)suffer vt.经历或遭受(不愉快之事);忍受,容忍。suffer sth. (承受、遭受、蒙受不愉快的事,一般指结果)

suffer from (尤指长期地或习惯性地)患有(疾病),为……所苦,因……而吃苦头(一般指过程)

eg: She suffers from headaches. 她患头痛病。



①As a result of the earthquake, the whole area great losses.

②-We haven't seen each other for a long time. Where have you been?

-I was in hospital because I _____ heart trouble.

③There was a great deal of during the war.

答案及点拨:①suffered ②was suffering from ③suffering

6.pressure 压力


(1)put pressure on /bring pressure to 


eg: We're trying to put pressure on the government to change the law.


(2)under pressure 在压力下

eg: He only agreed to leave the country under pressure.


(3)the pressure of sth. ……的压力

知识拓展:put(bring) pressure on/upon 对(某人)施加压力

under pressure adv./adj. 被迫,迫不得已;在压力之下

under the pressure of prep. 在……逼迫下,因……逼不得已


题6-1:(2007,河北唐山二模,1分)Life is tough in the city. In order to lose their ____, some people drink alcohol.

A. temper B. mood C. consciousness D. pressure


题6-1: 答案:D。点拨:译文:城市中的生活很艰难。许多人为了缓解压力而喝酒。lose pressure 意为"缓解压力";A. lose one's temper意为"发脾气";B. mood 意为 "心境,情绪";C. consciousness意为 "清醒状态,意识"。

7. stand vt. 忍耐,忍受


can't stand sb. /sth. /doing sth.


eg: Do you think she can stand the pace (of work) here?


知识拓展:stand by, 袖手旁观; stand for 代表,象征,支持; stand in 代表,代替,作替身; stand out 引人注目,显眼 stand up 起立; stand up for 支持,维护; stand up to 勇敢的面对,抵抗,经得起,顶的住。


题7-1 (2008,广东梅州一模,1分) I can't stand with Jane in the same office. She just refuses_____talking while she works.

A. working; stopping B. to work; stopping

C. working; to stop D. to work; to stop

题7-2 Modern plastics can very high and very low temperatures.

A. stand B. hold C. carry D. support


题7-1 答案:C。点拨:stand doing 忍受,容忍。

题7-2 答案:A。点拨:耐受。

8.prefer vt. 更喜欢,宁愿

eg: She would prefer to come with you rather than stay here. 她宁愿和你一起来,也不愿意留在这里。


(1)prefer sth. /doing sth.

eg: Do you prefer coffee or tea?


(2)prefer to do sth.

eg: He chose Spain, but personally I'd prefer to go to Greece.


(3)prefer sth. to sth. / prefer doing. to doing sth. 宁愿(做)……而不愿(做)

eg: I prefer coffee to milk.


(4)prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.宁愿做……而不愿做

(5)prefer that(从句多用虚拟语气)

eg: Would you prefer that we (should) reschedule the meeting for next week?



题8-1(2008,南昌二模,1分)Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle.

A. ride; ride B. riding; ride

C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding

题8-2 I'd prefer you your homework this afternoon.

A. to doing B. to do C. do D. done


题8-1: 答案:C。点拨:译文:他宁愿骑自行车,而不愿挤公车。本题考查rather than do sth. 和prefer to do sth. 两个句型中不定式有无to这个知识点.。

题8-2: 答案: B。点拨:prefer sb. to do sth. 为固定搭配,意思是"宁愿某人做某事"。

9.graduate vi. 毕业 graduate from 从……毕业

eg: He graduated from high school last year.



(1)vt. 授予学位,准予毕业。

eg; The university graduated 350 students last week.


(2)n. 毕业生 a high school graduate 高中毕业生

(3)n.& adj. 研究生 (的) graduate school 研究生院a graduate student 研究生

词性变化:graduation n. 毕业After graduation, he worked as a teacher. 大学毕业后,他当了一名教师。


题9-1 (2008,潍坊质检,1分) They are the who____ Wuhan University and now are playing an important part in our factory.

A. graduate; graduated

B. graduates; graduated

C. graduates; graduated from

D. graduate; graduated from

题9-2 She still remembers Beijing University_____ she graduated five years ago.

A. from where B. from which C. which D. 不填


题9-1 答案:C。点拨: graduate 用作动词若表示"毕业"时,是不及物动词,若要表示"从……毕业",其后应加介词 from。

题9-2答案:B。点拨:本题考查定语从句知识和graduate 用法,若要表示"从……毕业",其后应加介词 from,因此可以排除C、D两项,因where是副词,可以直接作状语,因此from是多余的。

10.support vt.


eg: The middle part of the bridge is supported by two huge towers.桥的中段由两个巨大的桥塔支撑着。


eg: She needs a high income to support such a large family. 她需要高收入才供养得起这样一个大家庭。


eg: This dry land won't support many cattle.



eg: Which football team do you support?



support 也可用作名词。supporter n. 支持者,拥护者

Come to one's support 来支持某人 give/lend support to 支持:支援

in support of 帮助/支援……;为……辩护证明


题10-1 The live broadcast of the basketball games was_____ by a sport sweater company.

A. supported B. seconded C. sustained D. sponsored


题10-1 答案:D。点拨:句意:那场篮球比赛的实况转播是由一家运动服装公司赞助的。Support只有"支持"的意思,不涉及财政;second只用于表示赞成别人的提议;sustain"维持",与句意不相干。

11. solve vt. 解决,解答 eg:

eg: Help me to solve the my financial troubles.


知识拓展:solution n.解决,解决方法

arrive at/ come to /reach a solution 获得解决之道


题11-1 Richard was very bright and _____the crossword within ten minutes.

A. settled B. ended C. worked D. solved


题11-1 答案:D。点拨:句意为:"理查德很聪明,在10分钟内就破解了那个填字游戏。"solve 可用来表示破解方程、难题和谜等。

12.design v.


eg: Who designed the Sydney Opera House?



eg: The building has been specially designed to provide easy access for people in wheelchairs.

这座建筑物设计时就作了安排,为坐轮椅的人修筑方便通道。(be designed to do)


designer n. 设计师

design n. "图样,设计 (图)"。

the latest designs for the new library 图书馆的最新设计图 [C]

the importance of good design 精良设计的重要性[U]

by design 故意地,有目的地

eg: She arrived just as we were leaving, but whether this was by accident or by design I'm not sure.



题12-1 (2006,辽宁高考,1分) It is said that the early European playing-cards for entertainment and education.

A. were being designed B. have designed

C. have been designed D. were designed


题12-1 答案:D。点拨:playing-cards与design间为被动关系,因此排除B。从句中的"early"我们可以排除A、C。

13. advertisement n. 广告,宣传 eg:

eg: He put an advertisement in the newspaper.



advertise v. 为……做广告,宣传

advertise + n.,为……做广告

advertise for + n.,为征求……登广告

advertising n. 广告,广告业


题13 完成句子

(1)He (为新产品做广告)on TV.

(2) He (登广告谋求) a new job.

(3) The young man (应征广告) in the newspaper and got the job.


题13 答案:(1) advertised a new product (2) advertised for (3) answered the advertisement

14. distance n. 距离,一段路,远处 eg:

eg: The distance from the school to the station is two miles.



in the distance 在远处,在远方

at a distance of 在/以……的距离

from a distance 从远处

keep one’s distance from 避开,不接近

keep sb. at a distance 与某人保持距离


题14 The faces of four American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a of 60 miles.

A. length B. distance C. way D. space


题14答案:B。点拨:from a distance of 从……远的距离

15. otherwise adv.

(1)另外;用别的方法(in a different way, differently)

eg: I was unable to attend the conference because I was otherwise engaged.

(相当于:…I was busy with something else.)我无法出席会议,因为我在忙别的事情。

(2)否则,要不然(if not)

eg: You'd better go now; otherwise you'll miss your train.



otherwise 可以作形容词,意思是"别的,不同的"(▲不能置于名词之前)

eg: I thought I would be welcomed by the family, but it was otherwise.


or otherwise 或用其他方法;或相反

eg: We'll get there somehow, by train or otherwise.



题15-1(2008,烟台一模,1分) -would you like to go to the concert with me, Mary ?

-I have got no interest in it; _____, I have lots of

works to do.

A. otherwise B. besides

C. however D. therefore

题15-2 We didn't know you were in trouble at that time,

we would have given you a hand.

A. therefore B. however

C. otherwise D. though


题15-1 答案:B。点拨:。对别人提出的邀请,如果不答应,就应该说出理由。本题答语的意思是:我对音乐会不感兴趣,而且我还有许多工作要做。选besides表示"除……之外,另外还……"。

题15-2 答案:C。点拨:therefore 因此,所以;however 然而,表转折,一般用逗号与句子的其他成分割开;though尽管。


16.take up (1)占据(空间或时间)

eg: The job took up most of Sunday.



eg: John took up acting while he was at college.



eg: I'll take this matter up with my lawyers.



eg: Can I take you up on your offer of a meal?


(5)take up with 忙于

eg:He can't help, he's too taken up with his own problems.



take over控制;管理;接任 take away拿走,使离开

take sb.apart轻易击败某人 take off脱下,请假

take sth.apart拆卸某物   take in收容,接待

take down记下,拿下  take notice of注意

take the trouble费力  take for误以为


题16-1. (2006,山东高考,1分)After he retired from office, Rogers painting for a while, but soon lost interest.

A.took up B.saved up C.kept up D.drew up  

题16-2.(2007,武汉质检,1分) Mr Wang told his students to some bread and mineral water on the visit to the mountainous village.

A. take off B. take away C. take in D. take along

题16-3. Good care must ____ babies particularly while they are ill.

A. take B. takes of C. be taken D. be taken of


题16-1 答案:A。点拨: 考查特定语境中动词短语用法辨析。take up在这里表示"从事(新工作)";save up"储蓄,贮存";keep up"继续,维持";draw up"拟定,起草"。

题16-2. 答案:D。点拨: 本题考查词义辨析。take along有"随身携带"的意思;take off的意思是"脱下";take away 的意思是"拿走";take in的意思是"收留,蒙骗,吸收"。

题16-3. 答案:D。点拨:固定短语take care of意为"照顾"。句意为"照顾好孩子,特别是孩子生病的时候"。

17.at the moment

(1)此刻,现在(at the present time, now)

eg: I'm busy at the moment, but I'll do it later.



eg: At that very moment, the phone range.



(1)for the moment 目前,暂时

(2)for a moment 一会儿

(3)in a moment 一会儿(常与将来时连用)

(4)the moment 一……就……(=as soon as)


题17-1 (2007,西安质检,1分)-May I speak to Mr. Smith please?

-I'm sorry he is not here _____. Please call him later.

A. in the moment B. at the moment

C. for a moment D. in a moment

题17-2 -Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her?

-Yes. I gave it to her _____I saw her.

A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once


题17-1 答案:B。点拨:句意:对不起,他"此刻"不在这里。for a moment 一会儿;in a moment 一会儿;

at the moment此刻,现在;没有in the moment短语。

题17-2 答案:B。点拨:译文:"你记得还玛丽签了吗?""记得。我一看见她就还给她了"。the moment 意为"一……就……"。

18. wait for

wait for sb. / sth.意思为"等候某人/某物"。

eg: We've been waiting for the bus for half an hour.

wait for sb. / sth. to do


eg: You must wait for permission to enter. I can't wait for this week to end.


wait for 与expect的区别:wait 重在动作上的"等",可接具体的时间,意思偏重于"专门在等",很少可能做别的事。eg:

He said he would be waiting for me at 8:00 at the school gate tomorrow morning.

expect重在心理上的"盼",在这个动作发生时还很有可能在做别的事, 倾向于"边做边盼"。eg:

These days I'm expecting a letter from my father.

另外在短语wait on中,1) on 为副词时意思为"继续等待";

2) on为介词时意思为"侍候/招待某人"。

eg: We waited on for another hour, but she still didn't turn out.


题18-1 - You were out when I dropped in at your house.

- Oh, I _____ for a friend from England at the airport.

A. was waiting B. had waited

C. am waiting D. have waited

题18-2 (2008,江苏如皋五校联考,1分)Missing the plane means for one day, so I mean up early tomorrow.

A. to wait; getting B. waiting; getting

C. waiting; to get D. to wait; to get


题18-1 答案:A。点拨:表过去的某个时间内正在发生的动作。"当我拜访你的时候",这是过去某个时刻,所以第二个人回答的人一定是说明那个时刻在做的事情,因此选项A的过去进行时符合题目的要求。

题18-2答案:C。点拨: mean doing “意味着做某事” mean to do“想要,打算做某事”。句意:错过这班车意味着要等上一天,所以我打算明天早起。

19. depend on

depend on / upon sb. (to do sth.)意思为"依靠/相信/需要……提供(资金/帮助等)"。

eg: He knew he could depend on her to deal with the situation.


depend on /upon sth.还表示"受……的影响/取决于"(此时通常不用于进行时和被动语态)。

eg: We might need more food and it depends on how many people are present.

-Is he coming?

-That / It (all) depends. He may not be free.


题19-1(2008,北京东城区质检,1分)The price of the computer varies from 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, the brand.

A. depending on B. relying on

C. turning on D. working on

题19-2(2007,南昌高三调研,1分)-Will you go to visit the relic newly discovered with us?


A. It depend B. It depend on you

C. It depends D. It depends on


题19-1 答案: A。点拨:取决于品牌。depending on the brand。

题19-2 答案:C。点拨:句意:-愿意和我们一起去参观新发现的估计吗?-看情况吧。

20. come up with 追上,赶上;想出(主意);找出(答案)

eg: The problem came up at last. Who came up with it at the meeting?



come about 发生,产生; come across(偶然)遇见(或发现); come back 回来,想起来;come down 落下来,降低; come from 出生于,来自; come in/into 进入,进来;

come off 从……离开,脱落; come on 来吧,赶快;

come out 出来,(书等)出版,发行

come up to 共计,达到; come to 恢复知觉

come up 上来,上升,出现 come along 一道来,跟我来


题20-1 We are all going to the games. Why don't you come ____?

A. up B. across C. along D. to

题20-2 (2008东北三校模拟,1分) -Have you some new ideas?

-Yeah. I'll tell you later.

A. come about B. come into

C. come up with D. come out with

题20-3 When my old friend jack _____ me, I didn't recognize him at that moment.

A. come about B. come to

C. come up to D. come up with


题20-1 答案:C。点拨:译文:我们全都去参加运动会,为什么你不一道来呢?come along一道来,跟我来;come up 上来,出现,走近;come across(偶然)遇见(或发现);come to恢复知觉。

题20-2 答案:C。点拨:译文:-你想出什么新主意吗?-奥,以后我会告诉你的。come about 发生;come in/into 进入,加入;come up with想出(主意); come out with 发表公布,根据句意应为"想出",故选C。

题20-3 答案:C。点拨:译文:当我的老朋友向我走过来时,我一下子没有认出他来。come about产生;come to 共计,达到;come up with 提出;come up to 朝……走来。

21. too much

too much"太多"可作定语修饰不可数名词。(若修饰可数名词复数,须用too many)。

eg: Hurry up! You're wasted too much time.


eg: He borrowed too many books from the library.



①too much作状语只能修饰不及物动词;单独使用时用在句中作主语,宾语和表语。

eg: you talk too much.你说得太多了。(作状语,talk为vi)

eg: Too much is as bad as too little.过犹不及。(做主语)

②much too 与 too much

much too"实在太……",用来修饰形容词和副词。Much在too前用来加强语气。too much修饰不可数名词、不及物动词或单独使用,不修饰形容词和副词。在be too much for中表示"太过分了"。

eg: The book is too much for the boy.


eg: She speaks English much too fluently.



题21-1 Allen had to call a taxi because the box was ____ to carry all the way home.

A. much too heavy B. too much heavy

C. heavy too much D. too heavy much

题21-2(2008,徐州模拟,1分)It was late to catch a bus after the party; therefore we called a taxi.

A. too much B. too very

C. much too D. so


题21-1 答案:A。点拨:。too much修饰不可数名词、不及物动词或单独使用,不修饰形容词或副词。

题21-2 答案:C。点拨:考查结果状语从句,如此……以致于。


22.I always take my portable TV and I sit on the stone wall while① the dog walks round in a circle.


【难点】:此句中的while用作连词,表示对比,常译成"然而; 而"。

eg: They have plenty of oil while we have none.




eg: Strike while the iron is hot.趁热打铁。

(2)while也可作"虽然,尽管",相当于though, although,引导让步状语从句。

eg: While I understand what you say, I can't agree with you.


(相当于:Though /Although I understand…)


eg: Child though /as he is, he knows much.



〔题22-1〕I do every single bit of homework my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then.

A. since B. while C. when D. as

〔题22-2〕(2007,西安八校联考,1分) The cost of living in Glasgow is among the lowest in Britain, the quality of life is probably one of the highest.

A. since B. when C. as D. while


题22-1 答案:B。点拨:译文:我做每一件家务,而我的丈夫Bob只是偶尔做做菜。本题考察连词用法。While表转折,意为"然而"。

题22-2 答案:D。点拨:while此处是一个表转折意义的连词,表示"虽然,但是"。表示The cost of living与the quality of life的对比。since引导原因状语从句,意为"因为"。when引导时间状语从句,表示"当……的时候"。as可以引导时间状语从句也可以引导原因状语从句。

23.Usually, it's so crowded that① I can't find anywhere to sit, I just stand.



(1)so+adj. /adv.+that…

(2)so+adj. +a /an+单数名词+that…

eg: The bike is so beautiful that we all like it.


也可以说:It is so beautiful a bike that we all like it.

提醒:不可说:It is a so beautiful bike that we all like it.



①such a /an+单数名词+that

②such (adj.)+复数名词/不可数名词+that…

eg: The bike is so beautiful that we all like it.=It is such a beautiful bike that we all like it.

注意:英语中象too, as, so, that等词与形容词一起修饰单数可数名词时,应该用句型too /as /so /that+adj.+a+n.结构。 如:


题23-1(2008,郑州二模,1分) The teacher was so angry at all he was doing she walked out and closed the door behind her.

A. that; that B. what; what

C. that; what D. what; that

题23-2 His plan was such a good one we all agreed to accept it.

A. so B. and C. that D. as

题23-3 homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest.

A. So much B. Too much C. Too little D. So little


题23-1 答案:A。点拨:译文:老师对他做的事情很生气,以致她走出去并随后关上了门。考查定语从句及so…that…句型。第一个空是对定语从句关系代词的考查,因为all是不定代词,引导词需用that; 第二空选that与前面的so构成so…that…句型。

题23-2 答案:C。点拨:译文:他的计划如此好,以致我们都很同意接受他的计划。考查such…that…句型。

题23-3 答案:A。点拨:译文:有那么多的作业要做,以致我们没有时间休息。在so…that…引导的结果状语从句中,如果so+adj. / adv.部分置于句首,则句子前半部分需要倒装。又由后半句we had no time to take a rest可知修饰homework的应为much,而不是little。

24.We like to visit nice, quiet places far away from the city, and go walking where① there are no shops, crowds or the tube.



eg: Keep it where you can see it.


eg: We should go where we are most needed.



Keep it (in the place) where you can see it.

We should go (to the place) where we are most needed.


题24-1 - Mom, what did your doctor say?

- He advised me to live the air is fresher.

A. in where B. in which

C. the place where D. where

题24-2 (2008,山东泰安一模,1分) I have kept that photo ____I can see it every day, as it reminds me of my university days in London.

A. which B. when C. whether D. where


题24-1 D。答案:译文: 点拨:-妈妈,医生怎么说?-他建议我住到一个空气比较清新的地方。考查状语从句和定语从句的区别。他们的主要区别是:句中有没有先行词和句子成分是否完整。A项错误是因为副词不能作介词的宾语;B项是因为没有先行词;C项是因为先行词the place作live的状语时,应该加介词in,所以主句结构不完整,故此用D项引导地点状语。

题24-2 D。首先排除B项,因为从句中已有every day 表示时间;其次排除A项,从句不是定语从句。因为从句中动词see有宾语it;最后从全句的句意考虑,应选where。where引导地点状语从句,表示"在……"。译文:我把那张照片放在了我每天能看到的地方,因为它使我想起在伦敦上大学的日子。

25.To solve this problem①, the Duchess came up with the clever idea of inviting some friends to join② her for an afternoon meal between four and five o'clock.


【难点】:(1)To solve this problem是不定式短语作目的状语,相当于in order to,可置于句首句中。例如:

To catch the early bus, he got up very early.


(=He got up very early to catch the early bus.

=In order to catch the early bus, he got up very early.

=He got up very early in order to catch the early bus.)

注意:so as to短语也可用来引导目的状语,但不可置于句首。eg:

So as to catch the early bus, he got up very early. (×)

He got up very early so as to catch the early bus. (√)

(2)join sb. 加入到某人当中(去做某事)。eg:

We'll play a game, would you like to join us?



①加入某人,只用join sb.,不用join in sb.

②加入某物,可用join sth.或join in sth.,但用法不一样。

join sth.加入某个团体、组织等,并且最终成为其中一个正式成员(be a member of…)。eg:

join the Army (参军) join the Party (入党)

join in sth. 则指"参加某项活动",也可用take part in sth.。eg:

Many players joined in the sports meeting.

很多队员参加了这项运动会。(=took part in)

注意:join sth.与join in sth.不得混用。

(2)join sb. in (doing sth.) sth. 加入到某人当中做某事

Would you like to joins in singing?


We'll have a picnic next week, will you join us in it?



〔题25-1〕 Hill often attends public lectures at the university of London, chiefly____his English.

A. to improve B. improving

C. to have improved D. improved

〔题25-2〕(2007武汉,高三调研,1分)It was unbelievable that the fans waited outside the gym for three hours just____ a look at the sports stars.

A. had B. having C. to have D. have

〔题25-3〕 The line in front of the cinema was too long, but we had to____ it.

A. attend B. take C. join D. add


题25-1 答案:A。点拨:不定式表目的。这句话的意思是:Hill经常参加伦敦大学的公开课,主要为了提高英语水平。

题25-2 答案: C。点拨:此处用不定式表目的。句意:球迷们为了看一眼那些运动明星,在体育馆外等候了三个小时,这真是不可思议。

题25-3 答案:C。点拨:attend, join都有"参加"的意思。attend指"参加会议,集会等";join指"参加团体、政党等",也可以表示"加入到某些人中去"。

26.Merchants and bankers went to coffeehouses to do their business, as well as① to drink coffee.


【难点】:as well as这里作"和、并且"讲,这里连接两个并列成分,即目的状语to do their business和to drink coffee,两个不定式都指进咖啡屋的目的。as well as还可用来连接其它并列成分。eg:

Mary as well as her parents was present at the party.



(1)as well as连接主语时,谓语的数须与as well as前的主语的数对应。

(2)as well as连接并列成分时,as well as后面的部分,可以连同as well as放在句首、句尾。eg:

As well as her parents, Mary was present at the party.或Mary was present at the party, as well as her parents.

Tom bought some books as well as a dictionary.


(=As well as a dictionary, Tom bought some books.)

(3)as well as连接谓语动词时,as well as后的动词须用动名词形式。eg:

Kate plays the piano well as well as swimming.



题26-1(2007,西安八校联考,1分) E-mail, as well as telephone,_____an important part in daily communication.

A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play

题26-2 John plays football , if not better than David.

A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as


题26-1 答案:A。点拨:E-mail后有as well as介词短语,标志谓语动词应与前面的主语保持一致,此处用单数;用现在进行时表示E-mail在日常交际中正发挥着重要的作用。

题26-2 答案:C。点拨:译文:约翰踢足球如果不比大卫好,也跟他一样好。本题考查副词比较级as well as的用法。此处well译为"好",if not better than(如果不比……好的话)是个插入成分,是省略了句子成分的条件状语从句,因此主句是John plays football as well as……D.项只能用于否定句,故也排除。

27.In fact, the London Stock Exchange is believed to① have started from these coffeehouses.


【难点】:sb. /sth. be believed to do为一固定句型,"人们相信某事 /某人……",可与句型It's believed that sb. / sth.….替换。

此句转换为:It's believed that the London Stock Exchange started from these coffeehouses.

sb. / sth. be believed to句型中,不定式后有四种不同的形式。即:


Mr. Smith is believed to go abroad next month.


Mr. Smith is believed to have gone abroad three times.


The telephone is believed to have been invented by Bell.


A new computer is believed to be invented next year.



sb./ sth. be said to…人们相信…

sb./ sth. be hoped to…人们希望…

sb./ sth. be thought to…人们认为…

sb./ sth. be considered to…人们认为…

sb./ sth. be known to…众所周知…

sb./ sth. be reported to…据报道…

sb./ sth. be proved to…据证实…


题27-1 (2008,南昌第一次调研,1分) -Is Bob still performing?

-I'm afraid not. He is said the stage already as he has become an official.

A. to have left B. to leave

C. to have been left D. to be left

题27-2 The flu is believed by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat.

A. causing B. being caused

C. to be caused D. to have caused


题27-1 答案:A。点拨:从句的already常与完成时连用。Leave所表示的动作发生在is said之前,故leave用不定式的完成形式;又因leave与he之间是主动关系,不能用被动式,所以排除C选A。

题27-2 答案:C。点拨:本题考查的是非谓语动词。be believed to do为习惯性搭配。the flu与cause为动宾关系,所以用被动语态。


一、 新题型: 任务型阅读 (2008,江苏高考)(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)



Teamwork is just as important in science as it is on the playing field or in the gym. Scientific investigations(调查) are almost always carried out by teams of people working together. Ideas are shared, experiments are designed, data are analyzed, and results are evaluated and shared with other investigators. Group work is necessary, and is usually more productive than working alone.

Several times throughout the year you may be asked to work with one or more of your classmates. Whatever the task your group is assigned, a few rules need to be followed to ensure a productive and successful experience.

What comes first is to keep an open mind, because everyone’s ideas deserve consideration and each group member can make his or her own contribution. Secondly, it makes a job easier to divide the group task among all group members. Choose a role on the team that is best suited to your particular strengths. Thirdly, always work together, take turns, and encourage each other by listening, clarifying, and trusting one another. Mutual support and trust often make a great difference.

Activities like investigations are most effective when done by small groups. Here are some more suggestions for effective team performance during these activities: Make sure each group member understands and agrees to the task given to him or her, and everyone knows exactly when, why and what to do take turns doing various tasks during similar and repeated activities; be aware of where other group members are and what they are doing so as to ensure safety; be responsible for your own learning, though it is by no means unwise to compare your observations with those of other group members.

When there is research to be done, divide the topic into several areas, and this can explore the issue in a very detailed way. You are encouraged to keep records of the sources used by each person, which helps you trace back to the origin of the problems that may happen unexpectedly. A format for exchanging information (e.g., photocopies of notes, oral discussion, etc.) is also important, for a well-chosen method not only strengthens what you present but also makes yourself easily understood. When the time comes to make a decision and take a position on an issue, allow for the contributions of each member of the group. Most important of all, it is always wise to make decisions by compromise and agreement.

After you’ve completed a task with your team, make an evaluation of the team’s effectiveness - the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.

Title Working Together

Theme Effective performance needs highly cooperated (71) ▲ .

General rules Keep an open mind to everyone’s (72) ▲ .

Divide the group task among group members.

(73) ▲ and trust each other.

(74) ▲ Understand and agree to the (75) ▲ task of one’s own.

Take turns doing various tasks.

Show concern for others to ensure safety.

Take (76) ▲ for one’s own learning.

Compare your own observations with those of others.

Explore an issue Break the (77) ▲ into several areas.

Keep records of the sources just in (78) ▲ .

(79) ▲ your information with others via proper format.

Make all decisions by compromise and agreement.

(80) ▲

Effectiveness Analyze the strengths and weaknesses.

Find out the opportunities and challenges.

(一)、 题型分析





答案:71. teamwork 72. ideas/opinions/views/thoughts

73. Support/Encourage/Back 74. Suggestions

75. given/assigned 76. responsibility

77. topic/subject/issue 78. case

79. Exchange/Share 80. Evaluate



72.据“What comes first is to keep an open mind, because everyone’s ideas deserve consideration …”可以填出ideas或和ideas意义相同的opinions/views/thoughts;

73.据“encourage each other by listening, clarifying, and trusting one another.”可以填出Encourage;

74.据第四段“Here are some more suggestions for effective team performance during these activities …”可以填出Suggestions;

75. 据第四段“Make sure each group member understands and agrees to the task given to him or her …”可以填出given。

76.据第四段“be responsible for your own learning”可以填出 responsibility。注意词性变换。

77. 据第五段“divide the topic into several areas ”可以填出topic或和topic词义相同的subject、issue。

78. 据第五段“that may happen unexpectedly”可知偶然发生,用in case短语代替。

79. 据第五段“A format for exchanging information…”可以填出exchange。

80. 据第六段“After you’ve completed a task with your team, make an evaluation of the team’s effectiveness …”可以填出Evaluate。


The huge thirst for jobs in the civil service has made the national civil servant exam one of China’s most competitive tests. The first exam was held in 1995, and since then more and more people have signed up for it, with applications reaching a peak over the last two years.

The latest online survey, carried out by China Youth Daily and www.qq.com, found that more than 73 percent of young people want to work as civil servants. Of the 17,330 respondents, about 83 percent said they were attracted by the job’s stability, guaranteed health care and pension (养老金). Meanwhile, 55 percent said it could bring “practical profits”. Nearly 1 million people applied to take the exam last year, yet only just over 10,000 were finally employed.

This year the competition continued. The exact number of applicants is not known, with the final day for applications today. But the flood of applicants has already broken the exam’s website once. China Youth Daily reported that the site was forced to close for maintenance due to unusually high traffic on the night of October 16.

In a typical year several hundred applicants will apply for many of the jobs listed. For example, the five job vacancies provided by the secretariat (秘书处) of the Central Committee of the CPC have attracted more than 3,880 applicants this year. In general, the exam means 50 people competing for one post, the report said. Positions as civil servants are attractive, not only because of the stable income and good health care, but also because of the low risks compared with the power and resources the positions enjoy. Among the total 6 million public servants, around 20,000 were dismissed between 1996 and 2007.

1. Which of the following could not be the reason for the attraction of civil servant?

A. The stable income. B. Good heath care.

C. Practical power and profits. D. Low work stress level.

2. Which paragraph states the fact that the number of applicants of this year is even larger than hast year?

A. Paragraph 1. B. Paragraph 2.

C. Paragraph 3. D. Paragraph 4.

3. How many people on average will compete for one post provided by the secretariat of the Central Committee of the CPC this year?

A. 5. B. 50. C. 776. D. 3,880.

4. Choose the correct ones from the following statements according to the passage.

a. Civil servant exam has been held for more than 10 years.

b. Civil servant exam was carried out by China Youth Daily and www.qq.com.

c. About one percent of applicants were finally employed last year.

d. Once passing the exam, one will work as a public servant forever.

e. More and more people sign up for civil servant exams.

A. c, d, e B. a, c, e C. a, b, c D. b, c, d

5. What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Civil servant exam in China

B. Deadline for applications

C. Many applicants for one position

D. Civil servant exam turns tougher





1. 事实细节题:





2. 词意猜测题:












⑶ 如果四个选项中有两个或两个以上的选项都是成立的推理步骤,那么与原文意思最接近、所用推理最少的选项即是正确答案












● 演练第一关:Period 1 (Warm Up &Lesson 1)


switch on, switch off, switch over, take up, fill with, complain about, bring back

1. As the mother of four children, my days are coking and cleaning!

2. Doing research and writing reports a large part of my day.

3. I don't enjoy watching TV with my brother as he always ____ to the programmes that he wants to watch.

4. Please the TV when you go to bed.

5. the light. It's really dark in here!

6. I try to do the homework that I from school as soon as I get home.

7. Mona is never happy. Listen, she's now her lunch!


1.(2007,江苏联考,1分)- Has Tom finished his homework yet?

-I have no idea; he _____it this morning.

A. was doing B. had been doing

C. had done D. did

2.(2008,黄冈其中,1分)He listened to my lecture, but how much did he ______, I wonder?

A.take on B.take off C.take out  D.take in

3.(2008,泰安模拟,1分) They ___ on the program for almost one week before I joined them, and now we ____ on it as no good results have come out so far.

A. had been working; are still working

B. had worked; were still working

C. have been working; have worked

D. have worked; are still working

4. Susan decided not to work on the program at home because she didn't want her parents to know what she ____.

A. has done B. had done

C. was doing D. is doing

5. More than a dozen students in that school abroad to study medicine last year.

A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent

6. - What's wrong with your coat?

-Just now when I wanted to get off the bus, the man next to me ___ on it.

A. sat B. had sat C. had been sitting D. was sitting

7. (2007,南京调研,1分)-What are you going to do this afternoon?

-I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film ____ quite early, so we ____ to the bookstore after that.

A. finished; are going B. finished; go

C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go

8. (2008,湖北联考,1分)- What's that terrible noise?

-The neighbors ____ for a party.

A. have prepared B. are preparing

C. prepare D. will prepare

9. -When will you come to see me, Dad?

-I will go to see you when you ____ the training course.

A. will have finished B. will finish

C. are finishing D. finish

10. (2008,济宁模拟,1分)Rainforests ____ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future.

A. cut B. are cut

C. are being cut D. had been cut

● 演练第二关:Period 2(Lesson 2)


1. If you break the law, you must be prepared to s______ the consequences.

2. Is he suffering from p of work?

3. I can't s the loud noise here any longer.

4. He p to live among the working people.


1. 我喜欢狗胜过喜欢猫。

2. Chantal更喜欢乘火车旅行。

3. 我更喜欢生活在美国,但我得不到签证。

4. "你喜欢什么样的音乐?""这些日子我更喜欢古典音乐。"


1. You can all the time, but it won’t help.


2. Great changes in the northwestern part of China in the past few years.


3. China has been in the World Trade for a few years.


4. I had only standing room on the bus because the bus

people going to work.


5. Do you know the between point A and point B?


6. He is a law . 他是一名法律系毕业生。

7. Many farmers their sheep and cows to make a living.


8. She the newspaper to prove its story.


9. He hates cartoons, so every time he sees them he .


10.What have happened to you? I haven’t you for a long time.



1.(2007,山东济宁统考,1分)-what present shall we make for Simon for his birthday? Which kind of things does he like, football, pop music, model planes or ships…?

- ____. Let’s make him a model plane.

A. It’s a good idea B. That’s it

C. That’s true D. That’s right

2. - Will you have tea or coffee?

- ____, Thank you. I’ve just had some tea.

A. Either B. Neither

C. Some D. Both

● 演练第三关:Period 3(Lesson 3)


1. This house is d______ for a large family.

2. He g from high school last year.

3. You should wash your hands in the b______ after the experiment.

4. Almost every businessman puts an a in order to sell their products.







1. The moment I hear my alarm clock, I jump out of my bed.

= I hear my alarm clock, I jump out of my bed.

2. I spent 2 hours in finishing my exercises.

= It 2 hours my exercises.

3. My sister likes oranges better than apples.

= My sister oranges apples.

4. We were given two days to make preparations for the exam.

= We were given two days to the exam.

5. The lecture was very boring, so many people fell asleep.

= The lecture was boring many people fell asleep.


1. This is a short film an introduction to English learners.

A. designed B. to design as

C. designed as D. to be designed

2. (2008,潍坊一模,1分)With so many problems , he has no time to go for a holiday.

A. solved B. to solve C. be solved D. solving


China news, Beijing, Feb. 9 – Housing price in China has always aroused heated discussions among property developers and ordinary Chinese. To many property developers and local government officials, housing price in China is still low compared with many developed countries. However, the average housing price in the United States is only 8,000 yuan per square meter, while in China, it is even higher than in the United States. This shows that there are some bubbles(泡沫) in Chinese real estate market, the International Finance News reported.

Although the average price of residential houses in the United States, after converted to Renminbi, is about 8,000 yuan per square meter, the houses in US are not sold in terms of building area, as most Chinese property developers do when they sell their houses. If US property developers sell their houses according to the building area, then the housing price will be even lower than 8,000 yuan per square meter. In most big Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, houses are sold at a price even higher than those in the US.

The high housing sales price in large cities in China proves that Chinese real estate market does have some bubbles. Moreover, Chinese houses can not be compared with houses in US in terms of building quality, environment and supporting facilities. Furthermore, it should be noted that American people’s average income is several dozen times higher than that of Chinese people. How can the Chinese afford to buy a house which is even more expensive than that sold in US?

At the beginning of 2007, Chinese government issued a set of policies that aimed to benefit the public. Now in order to reduce the high housing prices, the government can regulate(控制) the real estate market by raising tax on property industry and controlling the release of loans and lands to property developers. At the same time, the government should allow people to build more houses through various fund-raising channels, such as funds collected from buyers or raised by working units. By applying these multiple means, it is expected that the high housing prices can be lowered.

1. What is the average housing price per square meter in China?

A. 8000 yuan B. 10000 yuan

C. 7000 yuan D. It’s not mentioned here

2. Which of the following does NOT support the idea that the average housing price in China is even higher than in the United States?

A. Chinese houses can not be compared with houses in US in terms of building quality, environment and supporting facilities.

B. American people’s average income is several dozen times higher than that of Chinese people.

C. The houses in US are not sold in terms of building area, as most Chinese property developers do when they sell their houses.

D. There are more people who need houses in China.

3. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. The housing price in China is so high that the government should do something useful to prevent it.

B. There are some bubbles in Chinese real estate market

C. The average housing price in China is even higher than in the United States

D. Chinese government issued a set of policies that aimed to benefit the public.

4. How many measures are mentioned in the last paragraph in order to reduce the high housing prices?

A. Four B. Three C. Five D. Two

● 演练第四关:Period 4 (Lesson 4&Communication workshop)


1. 这就是我想要做的事。

2. 那牛奶太好了,我们没办法不喝。

3. 他爱吵闹,除此之外在其他方面倒是一个好孩子。

4. 我们得早一点儿去,不如就没座位了。

5. 有志者事竟成。

6. 目前这个地区正处于和平状态。

7. 他手里的小刀和我丢的一模一样。

8. 在这件事上,我和你的想法一样。

9. 他们在刷车。

10. 地球一度被人们认为是平的。


1. The mail was c with shoppers.

2. We went out and dined in a n restaurant.

3. The d from the school to the station is two miles.

4. Work hard, o you’ll be sorry. (otherwise)

5. Now I’m working hard to make an a .


1. Now that the fog is clearing, you can see the mountain .

A. at a distance B. at a distance

C. in the distance D. in the distant

2. He didn’t work hard at English; he wouldn’t find it difficult to learn English now.

A. otherwise B. therefore C. however D. thus


Scientists find that hard-working people live longer than average men and women. Career women are ___1___ than housewives, Evidence(证据) shows that ___2___ are in poorer health than the job-holders. A study shows ___3___ the unemployment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly(相应地)by 2%. All this ___4___ one point: Work is helpful to health.

Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, __5____ loneliness and solitude(孤独). Researches show that people feel __6____ and lonely when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are ___7___. Many high achievers who love their careers feel that they are happiest when they are working hard. Work serves as ___8___ between man and reality. By work, people ___9___ each other. By collective(集体的) activity, they find friendship and warmth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work __10___ the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and makes him liable to(易于)___11___.

__12____, work gives one a sense of fulfillment (充实感)and a sense of ___13___. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When ___14___ finishes his writing or a doctor successfully __15____ a patient or a teacher sees his students ___16___, they are happy __17____.

From the above we can come to the conclusion ___18___ the more you work, __19____ you will be. Let us work hard, __20___ and live a happy and healthy life.

1. A. more healthier B. healthier C. weaker D. worse

2. A. career women B. the busy

C. the jobless D. the hard-working

3. A. that whenever B. whether C. that though D. since

4. A. comes down to B. equals to C. adds up to D. amounts to

5. A. 不填 B. off C. in touch with D. away from

6. A. happy, interested B. glad, joyful

C. cheerful, concerned D. unhappy, worried

7. A. busy B. free C. lazy D. empty

8. A. a river B. a ga C. a channel D. a bridge

9. A. come across B. come into contact with

C. look down upon D. watch over

10. A. means B. stands C. equals D. matches

11. A. success B. death C. victory D. disease

12. A. Besides B. Nevertheless C. However D. Yet

13. A. disappointment B. achievement C. regret D. apology

14. A. a worker B. a farmer C. a writer D. a manager

15. A. manages B. controls C. operates on D. deals with

16. A. raise B. grow C. rise D. increase

17. A. in a word B. without a word

C. at a word D. beyond words

18. A. that B. which C. what D 不填.

19. A. the lonelier and weaker B. lonelier and weaker

C. happier and healthier D. the happier and healthier

20. A. study well B. studying well

C. study good D. studying good

● 演练第五关:Period 8 (Culture corner &Bulletin Board)


1. He prefers c music to popular music.

2. Almost 60% of those s______ said they supported the president’s action.

3. We should put on our f clothes to take part in the meeting.

4. Do you c_____ to work?



around me when I’m eating.

2. 体重严重超标的人更有可能患高血压病。

People who are _____overweight _____ likely to ____ ______ high blood pressure.

3. 我发现做义工对青少年非常有益。

I find very to teenagers.

4. 我们公司应该采取必要措施以迎接来年新的挑战。

Some necessary actions should be taken our company of the next year.

5. 我觉得学生生活充满活力、生机,令人兴奋,但有时或许压力太大。

I think a student’s life is ____, , and full of life – but



1. Would you like to ____us in dancing?

A. attend B. join C. take part in D. join in

2. Tom as well as his classmates _____ football.

A. enjoy playing B. enjoys playing

C. enjoy to play D. enjoys to play

3. People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her. she is a great musician.

A. After all B. As a result C. In other words D. As usual

4. The most important thing about cotton in history is ____ part that it played in ___ Industrial Revolution.

A.不填;不填B. the;不填 C. the;the D. a;the

● 演练第六关:高考真题专练

1.(知识点10)Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still the traditional customs.(2008年,湖北,1分)

A. perform B. possess C. observe D. support

2.(知识点16)After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane ____ her job as a doctor in the countryside.


A. set out B. took over C. took up D. set up

3.(知识点17)-Shall we go out for a walk?

-Sorry. This is not the right _____ to invite me. I am too tired to walk. (2008年,江西,1分)

A. moment B. situation C. place D. chance

4.(知识点18)We had an anxious couple of weeks _____ for the results of the experiment.(2008年,四川,1分)

A. wait B. to be waiting C. waited D. waiting

5.(知识点22) the Internet is of great help, I don't think it's a good a idea to spend too much time on it.


A. If B. While C. Because D. As

6.(知识点23)The weather was_____ cold that I didn't like to leave my room. (2008年,全国Ⅰ,1分)

A. really B. such C. too D. so

7.(知识点25)-Did the book give the information you needed?

-Yes. But it, I had to read the entire book. (2008年,北京,1分)

A. to find B. find C. to be finding D. finding

8.(知识点26)Everything was perfect for the picnic_____ the weather. (2008年,浙江,1分)

A. in place of B. as well as

C. except for D. in case of

单元测评 (时间90分钟,总分100)



1. The school and church were d by the same architect.

2. Mary c that she couldn’t find a job anywhere.

3. Who is s to look after this room?

4. The city s serious damage from the earthquake.

5. The d from the farm to the city is ten miles.



6. -Tom, why didn' t you come to the meeting yesterday?

-I , but my car broke down.

A. would B. had C. was going to D. did

7. Good services of the city government have made

possible for foreign trade to develop very quickly.

A. it B. which C. them D. that

8.-Excuse me!

-How can I get to the nearest post office?

A. Yes? B. That' s OK. C. What' s wrong? D. Pardon?

9. In Britain today women ___ 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work.

A. build up B. make up C. stand for D. send