M6-U4 the UN-bringing everyone closer together (译林牛津版高二英语选修六教案教学设计)

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M6-U4 the UN-bringing everyone closer together

Teaching Aims:

1. Enable the students to get the general idea about UN and Goodwill Ambassadors’ job.

2. To help the students develop the reading ability (including the analytic ability, summarizing ability and the ability of acquiring the information by different of ways and means.) by teaching the text.

3. To help ss know how to read a speech. and enable ss to master the reading strategy and become more competent in understanding a speaker’s attitude.

Important and difficult points:

1. How to make ss find and master the information from the speech and make a summary all by their own or through the help of their companies.

2. How to improve their reading ability with various means of teaching and understand the article better without feeling monotony and finish the connected exercises.

3. How to help the master the skill of reading a speech.

Teaching methods:

Visual-scene, Tasked-based, Communicative method, Fast-reading method, Careful -reading method, Discussion & Activity.

Teaching facilities: PPT, tape-recorder, blackboard.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 lead-in 5min

1. Show a video report on the Haiti earthquake.(30 seconds)

2. show some pics about the life of poor child in Haiti and people in a mountain area.

Brainstorm: a. what cause these children in such a bad living condition?

(Encourage ss to express their feelings after watching the video and the pics.)

b. Q: what kind of organization can help them? (Answer: UN)

c. Ask ss to tell some information they know about UN.(show some pics to teach the common knowledge on UN )

3.Make a summary and Lead the text:


1. Play a video and show pics to arouse ss’ interests, and collect their attention on the class.

2. Encourage ss to express their minds using their own words.

Step-2: Fast-reading:

During this process: Ask students to skim the text and work out the structure to find out the main idea of the paragraphs and then finish the exercise A.

Ask students find out which paragraphs talk about the UN; which paragraphs talk about her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


1. help ss get the gist of the passage quickly.

2. Through the working out the structure, help ss understand the passage better and get in my lesson easier.

Step-3 Reading strategy: reading an interview.

Have the students listen to the first paragraph and take down some notes about the following two questions. lead ss to pay more attention to catch the key sentence in the first paragraph.

1) What is Tang Ning talking about in her speech?

2) What do you think Tang Ning thinks of her job?

Then, tell ss to read the reading strategy: understanding a speaker’s attitude.(learn the way of

reading strategy in this unit)


1. Enable ss to get the basic characteristics of the speech.

2. help ss get the gist of author’s attitude to his work by some adjective in paragraph one.

3. lead to the reading strategy and make the complementarity of understanding a speaker’s attitude.(check if ss have missed sth.)

4. help ss get the gist of this speech by catching the key sentences.

Step-4 careful reading

1. Have students read P1, 2, 5 and list the topics of the UN mentioned in these paragraphs with partners.

请学生对有关联合国信息的段落进行仔细阅读,通过互助学习找出并进行归纳写下有关联合国的信息。如:成立时间;其四个目标等等。在此项活动中,学生在归纳联合国的工作时有一定困难。学生只局限于文中涉及的联合国的具体工作,但不能进行有效归纳。因此,在教学活动中,我跟着学生的思路利用他们找到的关键词army, laws…进行引导,帮助学生进行归纳。最终将Time; Number; Purposes; Tasks/Jobs of the UN; Goals 这些有关联合国信息的归纳性的关键词落实到黑板上。

2. Have the students read the rest paragraphs and find out the answers to the following two questions.

Q1 What does Tang Ning mainly do as a UN Goodwill Ambassador?

Q2 What can her visits help the people in need?


1. Help ss understand what the kind of work the Tang Ning does

2. Help ss understand how dose he help the people who are in trouble.

Step-5: consolidation and group work 5min

Make a discussion:

1. Through reading the speech, what do you know about Goodwill Ambassador?

2. What kind of people can be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador?

Key: a. very famous. (nobody will don’t have enough appeal

(on the screen can show pics about famous people and show a video on “start power”)

b. good moral quality (not everyone can be a Goodwill Ambassador)

(show pics on Laden ,lead ss to think about if he can be a Goodwill Ambassador? why ?)

c. appetency and appeals.

(by showing the pics of some Goodwill Ambassadors ,and make a summary to find out

the common trait.)


1. This serves as a consolidating exercise for students to practice their spoken English.Encourage them to discuss freely and bravely in English and later ask some students to express themselves.

2. Improve their listen comprehension by using the video.

(Make a summary of the whole text.)

Step-6 Homework

1. Underline the useful words, phrase and sentence patterns and know how to use them freely.

2. write a composition: If you were Ban Ki-Moon, what measures would you take to help the people in the Middle East who suffer from the wars and conflicts?.