Unit4 of Module 6 Reading-The UN-bringing everyone closer together (译林牛津版高二英语选修六教案教学设计)

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Unit4 of Module 6 Reading-The UN-bringing everyone closer together

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Learning Aims:

1. To develop students’ reading interest and enhance their reading abilities.

2. To gain some information about the United Nations and about the work and responsibility of a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Learning Important and Difficult Points:

1. To have a better comprehension of the text.

2. Go through the reading strategy, and find out how to understand a speaker’s attitude.

Learning Procedures:


I. Fast reading(Read the text quickly and answer the following questions).

1. What is the UN?


2. What kind of countries does Tang Ning usually visit?

She usually visit those countries where the UN has programmes to help people, especially African countries.

3. What are two of the UN’s development goals that they want to meet by 2015?

Line 46-48

II. Fill in each blank with a proper word and then enjoy the following sentences.

1. I ________ ________ ________ (很高兴) have this chance today to talk to you about the United Nations or the UN, ________ it is more often ________ ________ (提及) .(am pleased to; as; referred to)

2. The UN is an international group ________ ________ ________ (由…组成) countries that want to ________ ________ (促进和平), and I am very happy to have been chosen to be a ________ ________ (亲善大使) for them.(made up of; increase peace; Goodwill Ambassador)

3. Being a Goodwill Ambassador ________ ________ (意味着) I visit countries where the UN ________ ________ (实施项目) to help people. (means that; operates programmes)

4. My job with the UN is not paid, but ________ (志愿的) and ________ ________ ________ (正如我所说的) before, I mainly visit countries where the UN has programmes to help people.(voluntary; as I said before)

5. Recently, I was ________ ________ (足够幸运) to travel to South Africa, ________ (在那里) I met some women who have ________ ________ ________ (组织自救) a group.(fortunate enough; where; organized themselves into)

6. ________ ________ (除了) the urgent problems ________ ________ (由…引起) wars and conflicts, the UN helps countries with other problems such as ________ ________ (缺乏) education, lace of food, poverty, disasters and disease.(Apart from; caused by; lack of)

Ⅲ. Task-based reading(Read the text and fill in each blank with a proper word)

The United Nations

1.________ An international group 2.________ of countries that want to increase peace.

Basic information Time: It was 3.________ in October 1945, after the Second World War.

Countries: The number has increased to 191 from the 4.________ 51.

Charter: It has four main 5.________ , on which the UN is based.

Functions Helps end some of the world’s most horrible conflicts.

Assists the victims of wars and disasters with the help of some 6.________ armies and other organizations.

Protects human rights and improves international laws;

Helps with other problems 7.________ lack of education, lack of food, poverty, disasters and disease.

Goodwill Ambassador It’s a 8.________ job, which needs to visit countries where the UN operates programmes to help people.

It will increase people’s 9.________ of the work of the UN, with the television and press recording the Ambassador’s visits.

UNIFEM UNIFEM is the United Nations Development Fund for women.

The UN sets up many programmes and 10.________ to help people across the world.

Keys: 1.Definition 2.consisting 3.founded 4.original 5.purposes

6. borrowed 7.like 8.voluntary 9.awareness 10.funds

第二部分 达标测评

IV. Reading Comprehension

1. Which of the following statements is true? _______.

A. Although not well-paid for her work, Tang Ning is willing to take on her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

B. The “blue beret” armies belong to the UN.

C. Tang Ning has visited many developed countries to collect money for the funds.

D. The UN has a website of it own, where you can gather more information about the international organization.

2. How much money does Tang Ning earn by doing the job?

A. She earns a lot. B. She volunteers. She gets no salary for the job.

C. She earns some, though not much. D. It isn’t mentioned in the article.

3. How did UNIFEM help South African women? ________

A. It organized them into groups to help themselves.

B. It provided a large sum of money for them.

C. It set up shops and businesses for them.

D. It sold their products to other developed countries.

V. Study the text carefully and complete the following sentences(one word in each blank)

1. 能够担当这个角色,我感到很荣幸。

I ________ very ________ ________ have been able to ________ ________ this role.(feel; honoured to; take on)

2. 如你所知,联合国触及世界各地每个人的生活。

________ ________ ________ , the UN ________ ________ ________ of people everywhere.(As you know; touches the lives)

3. 在这些军队和其他可敬的组织的协助下, 联合国为战争及灾难的受害者提供援助。

________ ________ ________ ________ these armies and other ________ organizations the UN ________ ________ ________ of wars and disasters. (With the help of; worthy; assists the victims)

4. 此外,我的访问会鼓励那些致力于联合国项目的人,吸引当地人民对相关情形的注意力。

________ ________, my visits will encourage people ________ ________ the projects and ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ the situation.(In addition; working on; draw local people’s attention to)

5. 在联合国的管理体系中还有很多此类的项目和基金,它们已经为全世界数以百万计的人们提供了帮助。

There are lots of such programmes and funds ________ ________ ________ ________ the UN, and these helped millions of people ________ ________ ________.(under the umbrella of; across the world)

6. 其中一个目标就是保证每个人都能用到新鲜的饮用水。

One of the goals is ________ ________ ________ fresh drinking water ________ ________ ________ everyone.(to ensure that; is available to)

第三部分 能力拓展训练

October 24-the UN birthday is celebrated as United Nations Day. It is a day that belongs to everyone, and it is celebrated in most countries of the world. Some countries celebrate for a week instead of a day.

Every year the President of the United States, in a special announcement, asks Americans to remember United Nations Day.

In many parts of the world, schools plan programmes for this day. Boys and girls in some areas decorate a United Nations tree, or plant a garden. In other areas young people put on plays about the United Nations. Some libraries show children’s art form around the world. Schools celebrate with songs and dances of other countries, or give parties where foods of other countries are served.

Always the purpose of these celebrations is to help everyone understand the United Nations and why it is important.

The UN encourages people to learn about other lands and their customs. In this way people can get a better understanding of people all over the world.

1. Why is October 24 celebrated in many countries?

A. To celebrate the founding of the United Nations.

B. To make people understand what the United Nations means.

C. To warn people of the dangers of wars.

D. To tell people how the United Nations came into being.

2.How do schools celebrate the day?

A. Children are given a holiday of one to seven days.

B. Different programmes are prepared to celebrate the day.

C. Children plant gardens or decorate UN trees.

D. Children and teachers hold parties.

3.What does the United Nations encourage people to do, according to the passage?

A. To learn more about other nations and their customs.

B. To change programmes with other nations in science.

C. To understand more people from all over the world

D. To understand the importance of the United Nations.

4.The best title of the passage can be ________.

A. The UN B. The World Holiday

C. Celebrations on Oct 24 D. The UN Birthday