M2U1 Reading: Boy missing, police puzzled 教学设计(译林牛津版英语高一)

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M2U1 Reading: Boy missing, police puzzled

Learning aims:

1. To learn how to read a news story.

2. To be able to understand the article better.

Learning procedures:

Step 1 Lead-in

1. Do you often read newpapers?

2. How do you select the news you'd like to read?

3. Guess what happened in the story according to the title and the pictures.

Step 2 Skimming & Scanning

What's the news about? ___________________;

Who was missing?_______________;

When and where was the boy missing?_____________________;

How old is the boy?_______________;

Why did this incident receive great interest?___________________________

Step 3 Detailed reading

Read the text carefully and use the information from the text to fill in the form.(no more than 3 word in each blank)

Title: Boy missing, police puzzled

1 Supporting details

Part 1 (para. __)

Justin Foster went missing. A boy called Justin went missing, and the police 2 for him.

Part 2 (para.____)

Justin Foster returned home. At 8 am, Justin went to play3 with two friends, who say Justin went home after the game.

At 10:45 pm, 4 saw Justin walking towards his house.

At 11 pm, Kelly heard her brother 5

Part 3 ( para.____)

Justin Foster was taken away by aliens. Kelly was woken up by a bright light and saw a large spaceship flying outside with lots of strange creatures 6 .

Mavis said she had been 7 the UFO and luckily was returned home without any 8 .

While the police have not 9 the idea that Justin was taken by aliens, they are looking into other 10 as well.

Step 4 Questions & Answers

1. Discuss your difficulties with your group members

2. Raise some questions which you can not solve within groups. Other groups may

help to answer those questions.

Step 5 Consolidation(巩固)

Interview: work in groups, and each group acts as Kelly, Mrs Mavis Wood and detective Sam Peterson, using the expressions below to get the help.

Kelly heard sb. return / … put on … /pull back …

/see … spaceship / inside … creatures …

/hear … shout /disappear … /tried to wake up…

Mavis Wood ...happened to.../Aliens took … aboard so that …

/Luckily, … without injuries./I think Justin was …

Sam Peterson …no hard evidence…/…haven't dismissed …/

…looking into …/ …sometimes make up …

/…not give up …

Step6 Homework

1. Finish exercises C1, C2, D &E on pages 4-5.

2. Please give an ending to the story.