Unit 8 When is your birthday ? 教案教学设计(新课标版英语七年级)

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Teaching aims:

知识与技能:通过本节课的学习,使学生掌握月份和序数词,以及句型:When is your birthday? How old are you?及回答方法。并且运用所学知识进行对话练习,提高听力能力。



Teaching important point:月份和序数词,句型

Teaching diffcult point:月份及序数词的记忆

Teaching steps:

Step1Sing anEnglish song .Ask students some questions about dates and months.

Step 2 Greet the whole class as usualway.

Showing a calendar to students, and then learn dates.

T: Good morning, everyone! Dou you know how to talk about dates in English ? Today we’ll learn to talk about dates. Now I have a riddle for you.


?Do you know what it is in Chinese?

S: It’s “日历”.

T: How bright you are! Yes, it’s a calendar. Here is a calendar. What can you see on it?

Help students answer.

S: I can see some months.

T: What can you see in each month?

S: I can see some dates.

T: Well done, everyone! Today we will learn months and dates.

(Let students look at the calendar carefully.)

T: The first month is January.

Point January on the calendar. Let students repeat it.

Then write first and January down on the blackboard.

Point at the months on the calendar one by one to teach students the new words.????

Learn the other words in the same way. Let students look at the calendar and ask in pairs:

T: What months can you see on the calendar?

S: I can see January, February, March, April...

Ask students can read and write twelve months correctly.

Step 3 Listening (la: P47)

T: Look at the picture in la on P47. It’s a calendar. There’re twelve months in the calendar. What are they?

S1: They are January, February, March, April, May, June...

Point out we often use short forms when writing.

Write abbreviated versions on the blackboard.

Point to random months on the abbreviated list and have students tell the full form. Play the recording the first time. Students only listen as they follow along

Play the recording the Second time. Ask Students to listen and repeat each word.

Note: The stress comes on the middle syllable in the words September, October, November and December. Let the students chant these in order, the middle syllable louder than the other two: Sep-tem-ber, Oc-to-ber and so on.

Step 4 Listening and Practicing (lb, Ic: P47)

First read the instructions, ask students to listen to three conversations and number them in order.

T: Look at the box beside the conversation. We’ll listen to the recording carefully twice. For the first time just listen. You’ll write the number in the box after listening to the conversation twice.

Check the answers. And then ask them to listen to the recording and repeat the conversations.

Step 5ractice

Get the students practice the target language in pairs.

The teacher move around to offer the help.

Get some pairs to present their conversations.

Step6Sum up

Ask some students to sum up this lesson by overhead projector and then have a test for the aim.

Check the answers and correct the answers.


1. Ask students to read and learn the words in this unit by heart.

2. Make up a dialogue using dates and months. and then have a test for the aim.