Unit 25 At the conference

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1. Mary and Lizzy are organizing a large medical conference.

〕1 organize : plan or arrange sth.

Our teacher has organized a visit to the museum.


After about 20 minutes, one of the organizers of the conference came into the hall.


He works for an organization that helps the old people.

〕2 an international conference

2. What a lot of invitations to send out!

〕1 invite ; invitation

〕2 What a beautiful picture it is !

How beautiful the picture is !

How beautiful a picture it is !

How hard you are working !

How you are working!

3. Can you ring up the bus company?

Iˇll ask her to call you.

I canˇt get through. The lineˇs busy.

Hold on please.

4. a list of names

make a shopping list ;

The organizer had put Dr P Bakerˇs name on the list of speakers, but when the invitation list was being done,K.

My name is not listed in the telephone dictionary. ( v. )

5.Can I take a message ( for you )?

Would you like to leave a massage?

6. ¨ Thatˇs funny!〃 said Dr Baker to himself.

冘 fun ; funny

fun : sth. that you enjoy; pleasure

Skiing is fun if you like the snow.

We had great fun at the Christmas party.

Have fun! (= Enjoy yourself !)

make fun of sb. : laugh about sb. in an unkind way

The other children make fun of him because he wears glasses.

He did it for fun.

funny : 〕1 a person or thing that is funny makes you laugh or smile

a funny story ; a funny-looking man

〕2 strange or surprising

Thereˇs a funny smell in this room.

冘 say to oneself ; talk to oneself

7. He decided to attend the meeting though he was still a bit surprised.

attend the meeting

a bit surprised = a little surprised

I am not a bit angry. = Iˇm not angry at all.

I am not a little angry. = Iˇm very angry.

8. If Dr Baker is in the hall, will he please make himself known to me ?

I raised my voice in class to make myself heard.

The teacher expressed the sentence again to make himself understood ( to all the students ).

( make oneself heard / known / understood / K )

9. ¨KWould you mind giving a talk today about DNA?〃

Would you mind opening the door ?

( =Would you mind if you open the door ? )

Would you mind my smoking here?

(= Would you mind if I smoke here ? )

No, I donˇt (mind ).

Of course not.

Certainly not. Never mind.

Go ahead, please.


Youˇd better not.

10. You must be joking. ¨There must be some mistake,〃 said Dr Baker.

Tom must be waiting for you at the school gate now.

Tom canˇt be waiting for you at the school gate now.

--- Who broke the cup?

--- It must be Jack. ( --- It may / might be Jack. )

--- It canˇt be Jack.

--- Can it be Jack ?

must have done sth. canˇt ( couldnˇt ) have done sth.

They must have finished the work ( yesterday ).

They could/ can not have finished the work.

Can they have finished the work ( yesterday )?