unit 16 reading(新课标版高二英语下册教案教学设计)

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Teaching aim:

1. Help the students to learn something about the history, the development and the present condition of the American South by the text teaching.

Teaching method::

1. Brainstorm to simulate the interest of learning.

2. Individual and group activity to get information.

3. Discussion to output what they have learnt about the American south

Teaching importance:

How to guide the students to talk about the history of the city Atlanta and the American South.

Teaching difficulty:

Help the students to describe the history and development of a city.

Teaching Aids:


Teaching process:

Step: lead in

As we know, in 2008, The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, but do you know in which city were the Olympic games held in 1996 ? (Atlanta)

Where is Atlanta? (USA) Show them a map to USA.

Which state is Atlanta? (Georgia )

In which part of USA is Georgia? (in the south)

Step 2 Pre reading

As time passes and society changes, in American history, there are many great events. Now I will give you a quiz, Could you tell me when and what happened in the history of USA?

1. The arrival native Americans.

2. Arrival of European settlers

3. The American Civil War.

4. The Great Depression

5. : The Civil Rights Movement

You have a good knowledge about the history of USA.. The great events have a great effect on the USA , especially on the American south, Do you want to know what happened in the South? Now first let’s read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of each paragraph. You just need to read the first and the last sentence of them.

Task1. Ss read the first and the last sentence of each paragraph to get the main idea of each of them.

Para.1 The troubled past of the American South.

Para.2 The story of the South is also one of hope and success.

Para.3 A general introduction to the reconstruction of Atlanta.

Para.4 The Civil Rights movement---efforts made by Martin Luther King and its result.

Para.5 The modern condition of Atlanta.

Para.6 The people in the South are determined to make a new beginning.

(From the main idea of each paragraph, we see the clue of the text)

troubled past---hope, success, reconstruction---the Civil Rights Movement--- booming present

3.From the clue we can see the main idea of the whole passage is:

The development of the South. (Atlanta)

What did the writer first talk about the South?.

( The writer talks about the troubled past)

.Now read the first paragraph and find out what trouble the south had experienced in the history? Try to use the key words to describe its troubled past.

(the Native Americans) The sufferings

(slaves) The pains

(the Civil War)The death and poverty

(post war years and the Great Depression )The hardships of unemployment and civil unrest

(the Civil Rights Movement) The sacrifices

What happened to the Native Americans /slaves ?

What life did people have during the Civil War/ Post war and the Great Depression?

What happened to the black during the Civil Rights Movement?……..

What effect did the troubled past have on the South?

( Even The South is far behind the rest of the United States in education and economic development)

Step 3. Reading.

Task 2 Did people in the South America lose their hope? Read the text quickly and try to judge the sentences true or false.

1. Ever since the Civil war, the South has struggled to find ways to deal with its troubled past.

2. When the new mayor of Atlanta started working, the city had a lot of money.

3. Atlanta was burnt down in the Civil War, like many of its sister cities in the South..

4. The fights between blacks and whites in 1960s was widely supported.

5.Atlanta is a representative of the new South, a place where fear and doubt have replaced hope and faith.

6. Today, the South is known for its beautiful scenery.

Key: T F F T F F


2. F In 1864, when the new mayor of Atlanta started working, the city had only $1,64.

3. In only five years, most of the city had been rebuilt and Atlanta began to grow again.

5.Atlanta is a representative of the new south, a place where hope and faith have replaced fear and doubt.

6. Today, the south is known for its hospitality.)

What kind of story is the story of the south?

( The story of the South is also one of hope and success, Why we say the story of the South is one of hope and success? now let’s find out some signs to prove it. Read the text again and find out what happened to the city ? )

Task 3 Pick out the events which happened to Atlata.

1864: people struggled to rebuild the city.

In five years after Civil War: most of the city had been built and began to grow again.

1960s: Martin Luther King organized non-violent demonstrations aimed at ending segregation.

1996: Atlanta host the Olympic Games.

Today: Atlanta is becoming commercial and cultural centers of the nation.

Task 4 Discussion:

1. What do you think of the people of Atlanta during the reconstruction ? Why?

(The people of Atlanta were very brave, because The city was burnt down and there was no money for reconstruction, but they never give up. In only five years, most of the city had been rebuilt and began to grow again. )

2. What contributions did Martin Luther King make to Atlanta ?

(Dr King’s efforts were not in vain, however. Segregation eventually disappeared and a new dawn seemed to arrive. After segregation disappeared, Atlanta was becoming a successful city proud of its cultural diversity)

3. Why could Atlanta be chosen to host the Olympic Games?

(Like many other Southern cities, Atlanta is representative of the new South, a place where hope and faith have replaced fear and doubt .it has been a booming business center and the home of largest and most successful companies of the new South. It was pride to display its new image to the world.)

After reading the passage we have known the development of the American South, from its troubled past to the booming business center.

Task 5 Activity.

Imagine you are a Chinese college student who studies history came to Atlanta for a trip. Your pen friend showed him around the city. You talked about the history and development of the city.

A: Welcome to Atlanta. I’m very glad to give you a brief introduction to the history and development of Atlanta.

B: What happened to Atlanta during the Civil War?

A: …

B: How did the people of Atlanta reconstruct their city?

A: (They rebuilt their city with little money and developed the area both economically and socially)B: …

A: What’s your opinion on the city and its people?

B: …

Homework: Go the internet to search for information about Atlanta. Give a introduction to your class.

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Unit 16 The American South

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