Unit 10 American literature A sacrifice for love(人教版高三英语上册教案教学设计)

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A sacrifice for love(2)

Teaching Aims:

1. Read about A Sacrifice for Love (2)

2. Write a summary of the story

Teaching important points:

1. Learn to write a summary

2. The important and difficult sentences

Teaching difficult points:

1. How to make every students understand the important points

2. How to improve the students writing abilities

Teaching methods:

Task-bases ; student-centered

Teaching aids:

A tape recorder; the blackboard

Task 1 Read the passage in three minutes, and match each of the headings below with a paragraph in it. (5minutes)

A: Jim stared at Della with a strange expression on his face.

B: Jim was awake and expressed nothing could make him love Della any less.

C: Jim told Della he sold his watch for her combs.

D: Della was anxious to wait for Jim and was afraid that Jim’s love would go without her beautiful long hair.

E: Della was so happy when she saw a set of beautiful and expensive combs Jim bought her.

F: Jim was burdened with the family and had no money to buy even e new overcoat or gloves.

G: Della explained why she had her hair cut off.

H: Della showed him her gift---- a gold watch chain that was worthy of his gold watch.

I: Jim was still confused.

Task 2 Listen to the tape and read the text carefully, then choose the best answer: (7minutes)

1. What was Jim’s reaction when he saw Della?

A. angry B. shocked C. disappointed D. both A and B

2. What did Jim buy for Della ?

A. a shampoo B. a hat C. A comb D. A new overcoat

3. Which of the following is NOT true according to the story?

A. The day before Christmas Della was worried because she had only saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents for Jim’s Christmas present.

B. The young couple lived a hard life but they loved each other deeply.

C. Della was very nervous and worried before she heard Jim’s step when he came back home from work.

D. When Della saw her present, she was so happy to get the expensive combs that she burst into tears.

4.Which of the following is true according to the story?

A. The Christmas day was coming. Della was very happy and she was looking forward to it.

B. Jim and Della were both cried when they saw each other’s present.

C. Jim didn’t love Della any more when he saw that she had her hair cut off.

D. Jim sold hid gold watch out of his love for Della.

5. What does the story mainly tell us?

A. How to celebrate a happy Christmas for a young and rich couple.

B. How to choose Christmas presents for couples.

C.A love story between a young and poor couple.

D. Money is love.

Task 3 Deal with the difficult sentences (15minutes)

1. Della doubled the watch chain in her hand ….

What does double mean in the following sentences:

A. She got double scholarships

B. Double the carpet, and cover it on the baby.

2. Poor fellow, he was only twenty-two ---- and to be burdened with a family!

and to be burdened with a family → He was to be burdened with a family

be burdened with a family →

3. His eyes were fixed upon Della, and there was an expression in them that she could not read.

be fixed upon →__stare at__

in them → in his eyes__


She was _____ frightened that she could not _____ her thoughts on anything.

A. so; fix B. so; spend C. such; fix D. such; spend

4. I have my hair cut off and sold it because I couldn’t have lived through Christmas without giving you a present.

have one’s hair cut have sth done

couldn’t have lived through Christmas without giving you a present →

If I __________ you a present , I couldn’t have lived through Christmas.

Translate the sentence:



5.” Don’t make any mistake about me, Della,” he said.” I don’t think there ‘s anything in the way of a haircut shampoo…

1) make a mistake about → ______________

2) in the way of → _____________

Task 4 Writing (10minutes)

1. Look at the pictures on Page 89 and Page 90 and describe the plot of the story.

2. Write a summary of A Sacrifice for Love and give your own opinion about the story. You can tell the story in short using the answers to my questions.

what are the names of the hero and heroine?

what is the relationship between them?

what and how did the hero buy a special gift for the heroine? What about the heroine?

what’s the ending?

What’s your opinion about the story?

Story model:

Jim and Della were young poor couple. They loved each other so much. In order to purchase each other a special Christmas gift. They had been saving money for a long time. But they still couldn't afford the rare and nice gift with the money they saved. So at length, Della cut off his beautiful long hair and sold it for 20 dollars. With 21 dollars, he bought Jim a gold chain. And meanwhile, Jim sold his precious gold watch in order to buy a set of tortoiseshell combs for his wife which she had been longed for long time ago. When they saw each other’s gift, their feelings were more than words could tell. They felt the other’s love. Each sacrificed his own precious things to buy sth worthy of the honour of being kept by the other.

Task 5 Consolidation (5minutes)

As you read the text, did you pay attention to something of useful expressions? Let’s see if you have grasped them. Please find these phrases in the text.

1.对折表链 2. 加以……重担 3. 注视;凝视 4.剪掉头发 5. 度过圣诞节;

6. 对某人好 7. 对……误解 8. ……这一类东西;在……方面 9.撕开;扯开

10. 一套梳子 11.最后;终于 12. 把……放一边


1. double the watch chain

2. be burdened with

3. fix one’s eyes upon ; stare at

4. have one’s hair cut

5. live through Christmas

6. be good to sb

7. make a mistake about

8. in the way of

9. tear at

10.a set of combs

11. at length

12.put away